Ready for REFLY?

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    • Ready for REFLY?

      Hi all so plenty of news so far, changes and such. Simple question here: what are the best things to do for a casual player to start and get prepared for Aion 6.0 ?

      Obviously not levelling up, so I'd say acquiring AP, buying specific equip? Idk really so with the new stuff in mind please give ideas peepz!
    • We don't really know yet. We might not even get any of exchange that Korea is getting, besides the gear. I guess stacking up AP is always a good option, that isn't removed. I read today something about legion coins, being able to buy new enchants with them. Gear on the other hand, it's probably a waste of time trying to upgrade your +25 or whatever stuff. With every big patch it was easier to acquire new entry gear than upgrade the old one.
    • [NICK]rastekkel wrote:

      Get a good proper job, set aside a few thousand bucks, that should be enough to get started.

      Good luck!
      Thankfully I've got myself covered for that as you could have guessed if you read properly my post, see it says "casual player". Still I believe that is a good piece of advice for many people in here.

      Back on topic yes, AP has been a hot point considering SWB is going to be removed with 6.0