[PvPvE Event] Go Hunt, Daeva! 17.01.-31.01.2018

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    • [NICK]n00b wrote:

      Balthazar wrote:

      [NICK]n00b wrote:

      The rewards are pretty bad. Not worth doing.
      And some1 said ,bots rushed to judge xD Hahahahahahahahaha,ye ye some amazing events :D
      I have no idea how they can come up with such garbage. It's an insult to players.
      The first "good" reward comes at 2000 points, which is 166 upper abyss garrison quests.

      Is Gameforge telling me to do 166 upper abyss quests, to get an Estima worth 50mil kinah?

      I swear people who work at Gameforge have no clue at all.
      Yep and even at 2 attempts and people's feedback and they still do garbage..i wonder how bad direction we taking...my guess is after this shugo game token inc.
    • And I was worrying I did the garnisons already .... The rewards are so crappy that they do not worth our time. I think last time people complained about the crappy rewards and we got promise our negative feedback will be forward. Yes, I see GF had a very hard job in making this rewards crappy as the previous.

      Sadly this is the result when you hire people who do not play the game, do not know the game, do not want learn the game, do not want play the game, do not want listen players with experience who are paying for the product simple because this people at GF have diplom for something or worked for another company on close position or whatever another reason for hiring GF may have.

      To us players who know your product is pretty obvious when someone do not know the product. Events like this one prove that Aion team at GF has not a simple idea about the game, about what is hapenning in the servers.

      You have a new product direct and let me bet on that he or she never played AION. In the best case this person has 2 days experience with the game.

      When your employees have not experience with your product it is good if they put an effort to learn it. Play the game, get experience. Do not stop after level 10 Listen players because players know what is happening in the servers. Players are every day online playing and doing stuff. And the most important players pay for the game.

      You have bigger player base then NCSoft not because you are managing AION better, it is because we can not play at Korean servers because we need document to prove our age and because the ping will be huge.
    • I just did quick mafs but holy moly that a lot of reset scrolls you need to get max rank reward if you are not a total no lifer that can stalk garrisons all day. Great job payment department, you actually nyerked this event over even more, lmao. Pathetic money hungy :nothingtoseehere:

      //censored sita
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    • Hundrets of ppl vote no or writte down why the events are bad and yet you lower the rewards even more. Can you even read? Why you offer us a pol is beyond my understanding, since you clearly cant read nummbers.

      How are you not ashamed with such bad ratios & feedback.
    • Balthazar wrote:

      failboat wrote:

      for me it shows 8. 6 voted no, i guess they are never satisfied with anything, and 2 which are probably moderators voted yes. :)
      U satisfied now mate?with news out?do share with me your EXCITEMENT over this one of a kind event.
      Servers barely went up and people already judging an event that will go on for 2 weeks from now.

      The rewards seems fine, nothing op. People will get these rewards no matter what they say, because they do the quests anyway. Tbh I'd like these kind of events that requires you to be just active in game, and if they make them as often as kumuki it would be nice.
    • We gave positive feedback the first time this kind of event came and that guy @Mecharin or w/e his name is was sooooo proud of the event..and asking all the community to leave feedback..and then they gave us that nyerk version with 8kpoints.
    • @randomforumuser It's not about the that. You don't have to do anything. People do the quests they were doing them anyway, now they just get extra rewards on top. If you are really active and do everything, you get even more rewards. It's like those daily hero trials, I don't bother with them most of the time but sometimes I get free rewards by doing what I usually do and nothing more.
    • There's probably so many events we never had, or had just once. Kinda sad that this is what they consider event.

      It's a joke, for 50 mil kinah to do ALL the garrisons in upper + wait one more week, and do them again. All for an Estima?

      Who comes up with these. You get double value from doing x2 garden runs that takes like 30m and sell supplements.