[PvPvE Event] Go Hunt, Daeva! 17.01.-31.01.2018

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    • [GF] Mookie wrote:

      Last time we did that and it caused negative feedback because the "top rewards" were to hard to obtain.In the last event we wanted to have the normal reward setup until 6.000 points and one special level for 8.000 points
      but it was received more like "to get all rewards you must do 8.000 points" which I wanted to avoid in this setup.
      As I wrote if the 8.000 points "special" level for high investment is something players wish for we can go for that the next time.

      Could have guess that though. :chair: :chair:

      Well, I guess it is hard to realize that you need to work to recieve something.

      Either way, ty for that inside view. :slove:
    • You damn right people would complain if you put 8k rewards that are op.

      Because it would turn the event p2w, since you can abuse arena reset scrolls for infinite quest to get points.

      It's a very big effort to reach 3500 points, by doing all the garrison quests for the duration, 288 of them. I wonder if Gameforge thinks this is fun? lol it's punishment, I wish I could make Mookie do those quests 288 time just for an estima 3 serums, 4 apes. So he can realize my point.
    • [NICK]n00b wrote:

      It's a very big effort to reach 3500 points, by doing all the garrison quests for the duration, 288 of them. I wonder if Gameforge thinks this is fun? lol it's punishment, I wish I could make Mookie do those quests 288 time just for an estima 3 serums, 4 apes. So he can realize my point.
      Well you get a big chunk just by doing adma/ele lab/Arkhal/Kroban/Lok/GoK. Which you should already be doing on weekly base.
      The garissons give a nice amount of ancient coins and battle medals, dont forget the on top EXP for the quests (I guess most of you still arent full 75 so). I wouldn't underestimate that.

      Wait, you call 3,5k points a big effort? Did you participate in the last 8k point event? :whistling:
      Ofc you can p2w it. Same like you can p2w your gear and p2w your rank. Wrong way of pointing it out in this certain topic imo.

      @[GF] Mookie Well, I understand the "dead end" here. Maybe a small survey would give you next time an idea of how the point/reward system needs to be handled.
      Either way, its "you" who need to sort out what solution benefit both sides, the community and the GF side....some of us just try to improve the community side. ^^
    • [GF] Mookie wrote:

      Thank you for the feedback.
      For questing I did increase the points for Garrison quests compared to the 2nd event.
      The feedback from the first event was that 50 points for Garrison was to much compared to the other points that players would obtain from quests
      and from the 2nd event it was not enough, therefore I wanted to find a good spot in the middle for both PvP and PvE quests.
      The point distribution between PvP and PvE should be realativly equal in the current setup.

      Regarding the rewards. Generally you get more Serums/Apes/MoLR in the current event setup. It is true that the last setup gave Level 75AP Weapon but it was at 8000 points which
      was really difficult to obtain. In general I reduced the points from 8.000 to 6.000 and put 100% Socketing Aid as a replacement reward.
      For manastone its true, it seems the rewards lack those a bit. I´ll try to implement them next time a bit more.

      If players prefer the 8.000 point system which is hard to obtain but has a higher value I can aim for that the next time again.
      Yes the last time we needed 8000 points. But we had 3 weeks to do it. About 160 points additional to all garrison quest were needed every day to reach the 8000 point reward. In the actual event we need a bit over 180 points every day. So i don't see why it's much easier to get the rewards in this event and why they had to be nerfed.
      Furthermore there is a huge difference in the value of the better rewards between the first two events and now. While Level reduction stones where extremly rare and costly 6 months ago. Now they are rather cheap. APES and serums also got cheaper. +6 manastones you get for roughly 3kk. Minionite is extremly rare but we get much less than last time and because of the stupid invasion (which never worked right and is now completely broken) we don't get enough to even be able to level one minion for level 1 to 2.
      The promised Daeva Care Update to mitigate our need for important items we need for 5.8 never came, so this event could have been a way to do something infavor for the players. But also this chance was left out.
      Nice rewards would have been:
      - Much more Abyss Points in any form because upgrading in 5.8 is extremly costly
      - Stigma Bags because of the new enchanting buffs in 5.8 we need them
      - Some tradeable APES and serums
      - 1 +10 Manastone additional to the socketing aid so that we are able to socket 1 of our 36 slots from 1 set with it
      - Minium sufficcient to level up 1 Minium from level 1 to 2 for people who farmed it also in the last event and got a bit from the invasion loot-lottery from the time it wasn't completely broken
      - Cute Minion contracts
      - Primeval Crafting Stones
    • Ok - i understand. I forgot about Hero tasks but that is 1 entry I’m more or less forced to do if I want an apes.
      The only fun quests are the garrison ones + the pvp ones around garrisons.

      I think it was 2 Go Hunt Daeva events ago, the first time we had it with this new quest system. It was OK to do cuz the effort you put in it was worth the rewards you got.
      I was actually first bard on our server - did mainly reshanta pvp quests daily and a few side quests.
      Now since the last time and this time I won’t even bother to go reshanta - waste of my time.
    • Stop complaining so much, why the hell u want them to make things better? Each time we got a good event for first time the second was nerfed and third was pointless to do, so even if our feedback was against nerf they keep doing. This is Game Forge they will screw u every day no matter what u tell them.
    • Kery wrote:

      Click wrote:

      Why should I be doing anything besides GoK and MAYBE LoK on a weekly base?
      aktually:LoK -> HQ
      Arkhal -> HQ
      adma/ele lab -> duo/solo 3+ Dimension Stones = 30kk (Thanks to the Estima Event :P )
      Kroban ->..... :doofy:

      Well, Kroban is still a nice way to get free exp and dont forget the kinda high probability of tradable apes/serums there. If you dont got your hands full of PvP its a nice investment imo.

      Offtopic though. Lets see whats gonna happen next. No ones knows. xD