Assassin 6.0 Changes

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    • TBH i managed to get #1 dps in nara with ancient compesation pve gear +5, top accs +15/12 fallusha dagger +20 and compensation ancient dagger +10 as off-hand while other party members had legendary items, kromede potion though cuz w/o AS capped i guess you can't really do much. The most dmg dealt was actually the auto attack weaves so idk man.
      0 manastones socketed :)

      edit: i forgot to mention that i still miss feather =]
      2nd edit: i forgot to mention that the LFG group i went with were morons and took many frozen breaths :) maybe that's why i got #1 cuz with legendary weapons SM and SORC should have overdpsed me by a lot :))
      3rd edit: i wouldn't go for a sword for off-hand because the weapon attack between sword and dagger is still low, so i like the attack speed from dagger more.
      My enhanced fallusha dagger has 285 - 317 while nara weapons got: 147 - 162 on dagger and 162 - 198 on sword while ultimate ones got 163 - 180 on dagger and 180 - 220 on sword.
      easy mode - casual PvE hero

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    • difference with sword or dagger on offhand is really 1-2% you can put whatever all depends on your transformation

      gold i pud dual dagger so i'm caped at 0.8

      legendary and above (aka candys) i put sword (well since i dropped the red sword in makarna now i stick to it anyway :P )
    • sin not gonna get buff on EU during 6.5, mark my word here :D why? because GF never bring mini patchs to EU also not only sin all phy classes but chanter getting those damage buff.. right now i didnt try on pve old 5.8 fallusha dagger / new 6,2 sword but during pvp with 5.8 dagger with silence/blind GS / legend 6,2 sword work really good.. GS proc almost every 6 7 hit..
    • So, any tips for someone who doesn't have fallusha dagger? I'm absically working with double garden dagger at +10 for pve and double genesys crystan ancient daggers at +10 for pvp, but i really miss the damage from weaves. Will it get better as i get better equipment?
    • Pretty much I guess, since there's no difference in physical attack between weapons so skill damage should be the same, and dagger has higher crit modifier and more attack speed. You'll only weave when devotion is up as for that short moment sword might be a bit better ? but question is, is it worth it to pick sword against dagger only for that. Should be the same for dual wield glad.
    • I mean more that if the weaves will be more noticeable once I get legendary or ultimate equipment. At the moment im weaving out of habit and while it does contribute to dps, its only about 15-20% rather than 40%.
      I guess better weapons have a higher weapon attack value, so they should indeed geet higher as a percentage given that skills are maxed in damage and that they both get multiplied by physical attack stat the same.
    • Vichel1 wrote:

      I guess better weapons have a higher weapon attack value, so they should indeed geet higher as a percentage given that skills are maxed in damage and that they both get multiplied by physical attack stat the same.

      iSTAN wrote:

      My enhanced fallusha dagger has 285 - 317 while nara weapons got: 147 - 162 on dagger and 162 - 198 on sword while ultimate ones got 163 - 180 on dagger and 180 - 220 on sword.
      easy mode - casual PvE hero
    • Yeah, I was guessing, but weapon damage is not the only factor for basic attack damage. From what I understand, they get also multiplied by physical attack, so that stat also increases your weave damage. I dont know how much ultimate daggers provide, but my sucky ancient piece of garbage provides 3k+ which is 300%. Sooner or later the physical attack stat should start outweighing the weapon damage difference. I don't know the break even point but I'm pretty positive that ultimate enchanted appropiately, lets see some calculations. Disclaimer, these are done with pretty strong assumptions that might not me correct entirely and assuming a damage formula that some koreans explained in a vid, so my sources might not be the best.

      122 points of difference between the daggers between ultimate and fallusha is 76% increase in offhand weave damage,but that needs to be divided by two because 2 daggers (if you want me to go into details as to why I think that feel free to ask but basically main hand weave damage stays the same while offhand increases, so an average of 38% extra weave damage).
      Now, in my stupid ancient pvp each dagger accounts for about 33% of my physical attack stat (I will scale it up to ultimate,assuming that although the weapons will provide more physical attack, the rest of the armor does as well while remaining in the same proportion) which multiplies all physical damage, including weave and abilities. Hence while it is true that weaves hurt much 38% more with fallusha, with new gear physical attack they should hurt 33% more while also adding to damage of abilities.

      The thing that will be seen is that with the 38% increased damage in weaves while abilities do not get increased damage, then much more damage percentage will come from weaving. However, increasing weaves by a bit less than that and also adding in the increased ability damage, weaves will ocntribute to a smaller percent damage. All of this will be much more different comparing fallusha dagger to a crappy ancient letter-opener or my garden of knowledge butter knife which I pulled from that snake's ***hole, in that case probably fallusha would be better by a landslide, which seems to be the current case.

      I don't know, either way weaves should be pretty much mandatory if only to get rotations flowing smoothly and increased DPS, but timing devotion should become one of the biggest factors to dps (1500 increased weapon attack, that a lot of fallusha daggers). I pulled some numbers out of my *** a bit, but as an illustratory example that should explain well what is going through my mind when I say that weaves should still hurt more once gear gets better, although still not contributing to half the damage like before. At least I imagine they will feel rewarding enough that they are not a waste of time.
    • i think they messed something up for dw, like how does this make any sense?

      on dummy:

      makarna dagger + fallusha sword +25 = 3k / 8k dmg auto atk
      fallusha dagger +25 + fallusha sword +25 = 3k / 3k dmg auto atk
      fallusha dagger +25 + makarna dagger = 3k / 6k dmg auto atk (probaly the same, when switching daggers)
    • The third one makes no sense to me, but it would if the numbers were the other way around. Shouldnt the main hand be doing more damage if its the one wielding the fallusha? Like 6k/ 3k instead of thte 3k/6k. Or maybe the bigger hit shows visually later because of spaguetti code? The second one makes total sense because although the fallusha stuff has higher base damage it doesnt get physical attack from makarna stuff so the damage is not multiplied. So it seems physical attack is indeed a multiplicative stat.

      Also, for comparison sake, two makarna daggers would be awesome (but I dont know if you were lucky enough to get 2 drops).
      It looks like the physical attack stat from 1 makarna dagger is multiplying the damage from fallusha weapons by about 2.

      It would be helpful to know if you unequipped everything except the weapons, I'm going to assume that is the case. If that is the case, the makarna dagger itself without phys att boost would do about 1.5k. then, with 2 daggers gving 100% bonus damage each then I'd predict 4.5k / 4.5k with 2 makarna daggers, which gives a total damage of 9k which would be similar to the makarna dagger / fallusha dagger setup. The difference is that the makarna daggers also multiply the ability damage making for a higher overall dps even with similar weave damage.

      Still conjectures htough, lets say its an educated guess.
    • Wassermelone wrote:

      Galeas wrote:

      We didn't "nerf" anything we are just implementing the patches we are receiving.

      Galeas wrote:

      Assassin Skill got fixed: [Daevanion] Swift Heavy Attack.
      a skill that have 2692 physical dmg, got nerfed to 897 physical dmg and you wanna tell us this is just a fix? ahh wait, other classes still have they broken op skills. where is the "fix"?
      thx god only sin got a big nerf hehe xD
    • as far as i can see the fallusha dagger + the 6.x sword is a solution until you drop both Ultimate weapons

      after that you just switch to full red dagger + red sword and do very little weave (only under devotion or just a small tempo to not be out of skills)

      more you get red gear less you need the old dagger specially with shards activated