Hardcore journey across Atreia

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    • Hardcore journey across Atreia

      Greetings Daevas!

      I am coming here with a proposition, an idea, for those of you, who are looking for some challenge, nostalgia, chance to meet new people, but most importantly, an opportunity to have fun.

      I have seen way too many people, including myself, complain about the current situation in Aion, all these changes that have been done and which, considerably, have made the game easier and less enjoyable for players.
      Hours and hours have I spent trying to figure out what used to make me enjoy the game in the past. I have come to a conclusion that I simply miss the challenge, the feel of being rewarded for a hard work and not just on a whim.
      I could easily continue, spread hate and make this a thread about how developers make this game terrible but that's something I want to avoid and I would appreciate if you did as well.

      While it is true that this game is being pushed in a certain direction, us (players) can avoid it to some extent. So, without futher ado, allow me to present my invitation:

      I'm looking for friendly people that would like to join me on a rather hardcore journey, starting off at level 1, all the way up to level 75. Rules are quite simple:
      • Do only campaign (yellow) and normal (light blue) quests, avoid assist (dark blue) and growth (pink) quests
        • That way you'll avoid bunch of free scrolls, limited mounts and tons of other supplies for doing absolutely nothing
      • Use only gear, which you achieve via drops or normal quests and which is not already boosted from the start
        • That way you'll avoid fully enchanted and socketed scion daeva gears and other insanely overpowered items
      • Take part in every group instance your faction provides and successfully defeat its bosses
        • Due to your gear disadvantage, you'll be hopefully forced to use strategies and cooperate
      • Have fun and be nice to each other

      I have some more ideas on mind, however, they are not worth listing in rules.

      Also, I am not the best person when it comes to socializing but I believe there are still some nice and friendly people in this game that are looking for some fun and might like this idea.
      Therefore, if there was anyone interested in joining me on this absolutely crazy journey in search for fun, please would you be ever so nice and let me know either in this thread or on my profile.
      (The journey would most likely take place on Grendal, asmodian side)

      Any feedback, tips and opinions are welcome.
      Have a great day!
    • I love this idea a lot and I'd love to experience the game as it was back then.

      Sadly there are some things that will probably make your journey quite troublesome and less fulfilling than back in the early days of the game...

      Lots of old normal quests were changed to key quests in recent patches. This is a fact because when I started to work for my leveling guide back in 2013 or so... NCSoft probably didn't remove all of the original quests for gear (L30 daevion probably still exists) and experience but they sure are harder to find. It takes lots of research online unless you got some old school veteran from 2009 to guide you through (that would be guide damn amazing honestly). Mobs were nerfed a lot too and not to mention quests.... Like do you remember when you had to grind lots of hard elites to open your 4K DP skill? Proc the heart for L50 Daevion quest? Grind days in Abyss Core right below your enemies? Spend all evening in Draupnir Cave to finish your campaign?

      That was so frustrating yet it did bring players together as a community and as a faction because you were forced to be social and find a legion to play with.

      Let me demonstrate how leveling currently is from Asmodian point of view:

      Display Spoiler

      Altgard: All of the Basfelt Village quests in Altgard were normal quests (there wasn't any quests near MuMu village like there is now so those quests are new). Basfelt was the major leveling area for L10-L15 and after that people did campaigns or grinded in Black Claw Village in a group.
      Morheim: Desert Garrison, Kelian's Kabin, Slag Bulwark and Alsig Village had only normal quests with low experience points and they got a major boost for 4.5. All of the quests got changed for key quests and exp gain from campaigns was nerfed and level requirement increased. There wasn't enough quests even if you finished everything, people were forced to do quests in Brusthonin (bad experience and long travel distances) and grind Fire Temple and NTC.
      Beluslan: Questing was shattered all over the place, long quests lines with long travel distances and bad experience from mobs and quests alike. L40-L45 was pain in the bum because there was barely anything useful to do, you were just grinding things and hoping that some day you'll have enough experience to move Brusthonin. Besfer Refugee Camp still might have some of the normal quests so your best bet is to go there. Red Mane Cavern was a good place for good quests but all of them were changed to key quests with 4.6 changes.
      Brusthonin: Experience from campaigns were heavily nerfed and all of the few good normal quests were changed to key quests.
      Abyss: Abyss used to be L25+ area and lots of campaigns were a big part of the leveling experience. Some people also were grinding experience and loot from mobs around the fortresses (but Upper Abyss was better for that).
      Gelkmaros: Experience gain was nerfed from famous Platinum Coin Quest which was the best way to level up for the longest time. Campaigns got stripped down because devs wanted us to focus more on the key quests. You need to be really creative to hit L52 and your best bet is to grind BT nm.
      Vengar: There is nothing but key quests and campaigns in here. Happy hunting.
      Nosra: Well here you can do all the grinding you want with normal quests can campaigns.

      Anyway, I hope you guys will figure out something and have great fun together and maybe have a nice chit chat about the game etc. :) I'd love to play Aion on progression server but I doubt that will ever happen.
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    • Brutus Petros Muhammad wrote:

      Do only campaign (yellow) and normal (light blue) quests, avoid assist (dark blue) and growth (pink) quests

      That way you'll avoid bunch of free scrolls, limited mounts and tons of other supplies for doing absolutely nothing
      bare in mind manastones dont rly drop anymore so avoiding the pink quests could prove as a problem once u hit 66 and have nothing to socket with