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  • Ping Issues

    Hello all,

    To further investigate your connection problems we ask you to run WinMTR for a latency test. A more detailed explanation on how to run this test will follow.

    Please send us this information once you are done. Make sure that the conditions while running the test are similar to the conditions with which you normally play and include a screenshot of your ingame ping.

    The following things need to be checked beforehand as they are known to cause connection problems in general:
    • LAN connections are usually more stable and faster than WLAN connections. The decisive factor is the slowest component in your network, starting with your PC/Laptop via your connection method (LAN, WLAN) to your router and then the router itself. Be sure to use a combination of PC/Laptop, connection method and router, which will grant you the fastest internet speed.
    • Of course the amount of users in your network is important as well. As soon as a few people use the same router, even if the usage itself is low, it will increase the latency drastically.
    • Even programs that are connected to the internet while playing Aion can lower the performance of your laptop/PC as well as your connection speed. Especially programs like Skype, streaming services, file sharing programs and any other applications running in your browser will increase your latency.
    • And the game itself: High quality graphics, textures, sight and all other settings which have to receive data constantly to stay synchronized to the other players will affect the latency. You have to find the optimal settings between performance and optics by testing this yourself.

    Before we begin, please make sure you have completed the following:
    • Use LAN connection only, WLAN is known for having latencies and most of the time the cause for lag in such situations.
    • Make sure NO OTHER computer/set top box/device is using your internet connection at the time of lag issues (no Mobile game, no VOD TV, no VOIP phone, ...)
    • Try playing the game with lower graphics settings, so you can exclude client hardware/performance as cause
    Before we start with the latency test, we ask you to specify the following:
    • Date and Time the tests were run:
    • Server:
    • Character's Location (Map, Dungeon etc.):
    • Approx. NPCs/ players in the vicinity:
    • The Name of your Internet Provider and your IP Address (Very important! If you need help to find your IP Address:
    • Basic hardware info if your computer (Graphics card, CPU, RAM):
    • Operating System + Version (Win 7/8.0/8.1; 32bit/64bit):
    • If possible: FPS at the time
    • If you experienced lag while being in a group please let us know if is everyone was affected or just you
    Guide to create a Windows MTR-Report

    Please be aware that Windows MTR is freeware program that uses a GNU General Public License.

    1. Download
    Search for “WinMTR download” with a regular search engine and follow the instructions to download it. Be sure to download the program from a trustworthy site.
    Gameforge is not responsible for the content, topics, correctness, completeness or quality of the information provided or direct or indirect references to external websites (“Hyperlinks”) which lie outside the responsibility of Gameforge.

    Alternatively, you can use this download link:

    2. Installation
    Most of the time, WinMTR will be provided as a packed (zip) file. This package needs to be extracted and should contain 2 files. The license agreement (License.txt) as well as the program itself (WinMTR.exe).

    3. Executing the test
    Start the program by double clicking WinMTR.exe and read the security instructions beforehand.

    WinMTR itself is relatively simple. All you have to do is to insert the IP of your server in the field in the upper left corner:
    • [EN] Deyla -
    • [EN] Antrishka -
    • [EN] Hellion -
    • [EN] Grendal -
    • [DE] Loki -
    • [DE] Thor -
    • [DE] Fregion -
    • [FR] Hyperion -
    • [FR] Urtem -
    • [FR] Padmarashka -
    • [PL] Barus -
    • [PL] Miren -
    • [INT] Rookie 2 -
    • [INT] Union1 -
    • [INT] Union2 -
    • [INT] Pangea1 -
    Updated, after server merge, 03/02/2016
    Updated after Barus moved to new hardware, 01.06.2016

    Updated after new servers 09.08.17

    • [INT] Rookie1 -
    • [INT] Pangea2 -
    • [EN] Spatalos -
    • [EN] Telemachus -
    • [EN] Perento -
    • [EN] Nexus -
    • [EN] Anuhart -
    • [DE] Kromede -
    • [DE] Balder -
    • [DE] Vehalla -
    • [FR] Suthran -
    • [FR] Calindi -
    • [ES] Alquima -
    • [IT] Curatus -
    • Zubaba -

    …and then press “Start”.

    You might receive the following error “Unable to get raw socket!”
    In this case you will have to right-click WinMTR.exe and select “run as administrator”.

    The program will now send packages to the server and measures the quality of your connection. Please let it send at least 120 packages indicated by “Sent” being shown 120 times in the column.

    4. Attaching and Sending
    Click on “copy and save to clipboard” and insert the data with the key combination CTRL + V as your answer to this ticket and send it. We also need the exact date and time when you have created the report.

    We will forward the sent information to our system administrators who will further analyze it and we will reply to you if we find something noticeable. In any case we will use this data to further improve our server connection.

    Here at our FAQ you can find general information about lag and ping spikes.

    Examples of issues:
    1. High ping to router, the first hop of MTR (probably using WLAN or a broken cable):
      Your router should respond within 1-2 milliseconds and never worse.

      Host Loss% Snt Last Avg Best Wrst StDev
      1. neufbox 0.0% 461 2.6 3.6 2.5 10.8 5.2
    2. Packet loss or high ping going through to destination host:
      If this happens regularly and on an ongoing basis, there seems to be an issue with the connection of your provider or on the route back. We can look into this issue and try to solve it by rerouting packets.

      9. 1.4% 460 102.6 50.7 37.5 220.1 29.7
      10. 1.2% 460 100.3 50.7 37.5 212.4 28.6
      11. 1.0% 460 105.5 49.7 37.6 211.9 28.6
      12. 1.0% 460 104.7 48.4 36.8 213.4 29.6
      13. 1.0% 460 104.1 60.4 37.0 299.3 41.6
      14. 1.0% 460 115.5 64.4 46.7 258.7 36.8
      15. 1.2% 460 115.6 60.0 46.8 261.5 33.7
      16. 1.2% 460 117.0 60.1 47.2 228.0 32.7
      17. 1.0% 460 120.0 70.1 50.4 347.1 45.8
      18. 1.0% 460 121.7 61.6 49.5 251.1 30.9
    3. High Avg and/or StDev only on destination host (last hop on MTR) or even packet loss:
      If you see this, please report it. This could actually point to the server being overloaded. If however, these values are as high on previous hops, the cause is not the destination server, it’s the connection.

      18. 1.0% 460 137.3 120.6 55.1 453.2 140.9

    We already thank you for your help and time.