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      Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the Dark Fury italian legion :aamazing:

      We're looking for nice, pleasant people who would like to play mainly (only) PvE with us.

      What you bring to the table:
      • a level [(66+2)e - 00]128 character (7th generation alts are not allowed - unless you bribe an officer)
      • a breath of fresh air with your great enthusiasm
      • a great love for PvEing and AFKing
      What we offer:
      • free drinks for the first 100 players who'll join our ranks, kindly offered by Framor (largest AT in EU) :atongue:
      • happy hour on Teamspeak :beer:
      • what? are you still reading? I would have stopped at the first line 8o

      For info and presales whisper to Meeras, Catrhina and Framor! :aamazing: :aamazing: :aamazing:


      Ok now for the real topic.

      Dark Fury legion, mainly PvE oriented, is looking for nice players who'd like to join. We are italian players, but we don't mind recruiting people from all over the world - as long as you don't take offense by the language we'll mostly speak.

      We offer you the opportunity to grow as a player and complete most end-game instances in a friendly, soft-core legion. We also have our Teamspeak 3 server, which we strongly recommend both to integrate into our group and to complete most instances.

      As you may have understood from the first part of this thread, we are not looking for unpleasant, grouch, moody people :cursing: : if you're going to join our legion, do keep in mind that this is a game. Although some situations may upset you, insults and bad behaviour will not be tolerated.

      Should you need any further information, send an ingame mail or whisper to Meeras, Digital, Catrhina, Sponfy or Framor.

      We are looking forward to having you in our legion as soon as possible :cookieshugo:

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