Looking for help with magic class. Sorcerer, Spiritmaster or Aethertech?

    • Aethertech

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    • Looking for help with magic class. Sorcerer, Spiritmaster or Aethertech?

      <p>At start I want to write I will start from 0 without any kinah coz I want to start on Deyla. I can't decide between this 3 classes all of them look cool but how are they be in future patches also how are they on PvP and PvE? Thanks for any help.</p>
    • to start off the 3 classes are rly different
      AT - Pretty tanky , has a lot of active damage spells and u'd use most of them all the time, Has good maneuvering abilities coz the double dash,but has issues with damaging with some aoe spells due to being frontal only . Also as a class it has lowest pve damage of all. On the good side - seems pretty fun to play. Hard to get high stats,but the m suppression debuff,and buffs make it so its not that required.
      Sorc- Huge dmg with and without gear, on endgame using few damage skills only. Has huge control over the flow of battle due to the blinks, shields CCs (sleeps,roots,stuns). Can be rly squishy or tanky depending on the gear used - on higher gear can be used as group tank coz its able to hold aggro with the big dmg inflicted. Easy to get high stats
      SM- Relatively nice dmg but much more complicated to keep up with it due to spirits movement, correct buffing,debuffing. Has numerious utility skills (group/ally dmg boost spells, CCs as fears,aoe slow, bind, targeted bodyguard with the spirit). Hard to get high stats. Usually in group//ally shouldnt have more than 1 SM coz they overwrite their dot dmg making huge loss of dmg.
      AT- tanky and posseses too many passive and active resists, anti magic class , have issues with MR targets tho. In group pvp no1 will focus u 1st so u can do your thing and also has shield breaking abilty, making it great counter to SMs and groups with templars.
      Rly anoying with the short CD paralyzes and aoe slow
      Sorc - Extremely valuable sleep CCs , high range magic burst , But rly squishy, and spends a lot more time avoiding dmg than actually doing some. Blinks somewhat help with that.
      SM- Relatively strong 1v1 class, extremely valuable CC(fears) for solo and group pvp. Also Aoe slow help a lot on group pvp. Has own spirit bodyguard making it a bit tougher than sorc for brief period, However Escape capabilities are more limited than sorc ones. Vision stigma is both offensive and defensive skill. Big dmg in pvp comes from dispels and generally sm dont have long casts, making the sm able to attack/debuff mostly while moving too. Downside - as SM u are always 1st target regardless of your group composition.

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    • From my long past experience playing my alts. AT is good all around class. Probably highest and easiest to obtain MB from all magic classes. Pretty decent in pvp. It's not really a melee but it does feel like that a lot of times, basically the only thing I dislike. Has nice and low cd aoe skills, I pretty much enjoy it because of this. Not hard to play it. On my sorc I rarely pvped in the past. You need to have a strategy in mind and always watch your cd's. Probably the most versatile from all these classes but probably underwhelming class if you don't care to get good at it (so this is me). In pve it's very easy to do high dps but I hate it, it's basically a melee class but squishier than all the other melees. If you play sm, enjoy having nr. 1 target on your head all the time. Solid skills set but kind of boring. Unlike sorc, enjoy watching many small numbers roll over. Pve is easy but you have to manage and take care of a pet which bugs out a lot, and you will also not like it if there's more than you as sm in group.
    • Probably old topics? It was a thing in the past but solo farming is kind of dead in this game now, except for the Tower of challenge and maybe some new instance in 5.8? But all 3 classes are good in there.

      t0re wrote:

      failboat wrote:

      Probably highest and easiest to obtain MB from all magic classes
      it is definetely the magic class with lowest mb so no clue how u came up with that or u mean rotation of the buffs + the debuff?
      Basically yes.
    • Sorc is one of the most difficult classes. So, as you are newbie, I dont recommend this class.
      AT is the easiet for newbie cause of a lot resists to everything and good surviveablitiy.
      SM is very OP class in group pvp, strong in 1v1, but you will be focused always as 1st. And first of all its control (cc) class.
      Let's say, you better choice between sm (a bit harder than AT, but it's class that control opponent's supports and dont let them heal) and AT (it's mostly pure melee dps class with easier gameplay).
    • If you like solo play, high sustain and most importantly: IF YOU LIKE PETS, SM IS FOR YOU! Good SM can destroy some ones will for life and Aion, while the best SM will be a living nightmare. It has annoying dispels and DoT's that kill you slow. If you're sadist and like watching your enemies die slow and in excruciating pain, opt for SM.

      If you don't like wasting time, take Sorc. High burst, good CC to either immobilize some one or just run away if you think you can't deal with enemies. 99% of the time welcome in every PvE comp due to extremely high DPS.

      AT is Magical Templar on Steroids that doesn't have bodyguard. Nearly unkillable, decent to terrifying damage, feared by almost every one.

      *note: I don't play SM, I'm pesky Chantardo maion. My pick for a magical class would most definitely be Spiritmaster. What ever you pick, you wont go wrong, it's only the style that suits you.

      Have fun! ^^
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    • Oh the dispelling of 1h scrolls. Made me break my keyboard for the first time.
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