[Event Guide] Rukibuki Circus - Spooky version (Halloween)

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    • [Event Guide] Rukibuki Circus - Spooky version (Halloween)

      The Rukibuki Circus Arena is a survival type event instance, catered to players between level 30 to 75. You can enter the instance by speaking to one of Ariate’s friends standing at different places throughout Atreia (see location section). The instance is limited to up to 6 players.

      Ariate is being trapped in a cage by Circus Director Rukibuki. To start the encounter, you have to destroy the lock, which prevents the escape of the event’s protagonist.

      Upon start of the encounter, waves of Rukibuki’s minions and mini bosses will appear. Each mini boss possesses a bundle of keys, containing a random number of key fragments that can be combined to a whole key. However, a mini boss needs to be killed in a certain timeframe or else he/she will disappear and you will not be able to receive a bundle. After two waves with each summoning a mini boss, Rukibuki will enter the Arena. Upon the defeat of Rubikubi (don’t forget to loot him), Ariate will be freed and her friends will approach the center of the room. Treasure chests will also be available which can be opened with collected keys and keys made out of key fragments.

      Important: The minion waves will continue to spawn and walk around the cage. It is advisable to kill as many minions as possible until the mini boss appears. Upon arrival of the mini boss, all minions remaining in the arena will attack you even if you are not in aggro range. So “waiting out the mini boss” will not help you and might be fatal for your success.

      You can leave the finished instance by using the portal at the entrance.

      You cannot enter the instance via the dungeon finder/union server group search function. This means you require a group from your server to enter the instance. So grab your friends and legion members!

      Transformation of your character
      Mini bosses and end boss
      Quest and important items
      NPC locations
      Reward preview
    • Transformation of your character

      When you enter the instance, you will be transformed into a polar bear and receive an own skillbar and skill set (similar to the Shugo Tomb mechanic).
      The skill damage is not scaling with your equipment or weapon and has fix values for every class, no matter which skill set!
      Advice: Move the skills into your general skill bar slots.


      Paw Swipe – Standard attack, inflicting 16200 physical damage on a target

      Tumble – Inflicts 112800 physical damage on a target

      Biting Wind – Inflicts 48000 damage on up to 3 targets

      Bear’s Roar – Inflicts 24000 damage each on up to 6 targets near you

      I love you, Ariate! – Blows a kiss to Ariate and asks for aid. When used within 37m radius around Ariate, she will help you restore your HP.

      Transformation to a Harlequin

      It is possible to transform into a more advanced version: the Harlequin. For the transformation, you need to use a Magic Card to summon a “Funny Harlequin” who will cast the transformation spell on your character.

      The skills are far more destructive and will have additional features (stun) that might come in handy when handling several monster waves.


      Throwing Lightning Sword – Swings a lightning sword and inflicts 24000 damage on up to 3 opponents.

      Electric Shock – A powerful electric shock that inflicts 236880 damage on one opponent.

      Somersault –A somersault that inflichts 79200 damage on up to 6 enemies.

      Magnificent Fireworks – Throwing a firecracker that inflicts 57600 damage on up to 6 opponents, also stunning these for a short timeframe.

      I love you, Ariate! – Blows a kiss to Ariate and asks for aid. When used within 37m radius around Ariate, she will help you restore your HP.
    • Mini bosses and End boss


      Bibaroka’s minions will appear at the start of the encounter. Surviving the waves will summon her into the arena. Defeat her to receive a bundle with key fragments.


      Makekike will appear after the waves of Bibaroka’s and Makekike’s minions have been survived and Bibaroka has been defeated.

      Display Spoiler
      With the appearance of Makekike, 12 boxes will be summoned around the cage. When Makekike hits 75% health or below, he will blow up the boxes to summon more monsters into the arena. It is advisable to kill the boxes as well to keep the amount of monsters under control.

      Like Bibaroka, Makekike drops a key bundle containing a random number of key fragments.

      Circus Director Rukibuki

      After Makekike has been defeated, Rukibuki – the infamous Circus Director will enter the fight after a certain time.

      Defeating him will cause the instance to end and also free Ariate from her cage. He drops a Worn Treasure Chest Key that needs to be rolled on and a Bundle of every day objects, which contains various useful items.
    • Quest and important items

      Treasure Chest Keys and Key fragments

      There are several ways to obtain Treasure chest keys required to open the boxes at the end of the encounter when Rubikubi has been defeated. Small chests require 1 key; a big chest requires 3 keys.
      • Quest: Ariate’s friends will offer a repeatable quest and reward you with a special treasure chest key when the quest has been finished (defeat Rukibuki 10 times). This key will not disappear when leaving the Rubikubi Circus instance.
      • Mini bosses: Each mini-boss drops a bundle of key fragments when defeated in time. The key bundle can contain 3 different fragments of a key in a random amount which need to be combined into one whole key.
      • Rukibuki (Boss): When defeating Rubikubi, you will receive a full key that can be rolled for.
      • Shop: As usual, we will provide a possibility to acquire the keys in our shop.

      Except the key received from the repeatable quest, every key or key piece obtained via the instance or the shop will disappear when leaving the instance. So use all of them if possible!

      Magic Card: Summon Jester – Harlequin transformation

      There are three possibilities to receive a Magic Card: Summon Jester:
      • The start of the repeatable quest will provide a Magic Card.
      • The Card is contained in Ariate’s Bundle, which drops from one of the Treasure chests.
      • Like the keys, you can acquire a Magic Card in our shop.

      The Magic Card is tradable!
    • Location of NPCs

      Ariate’s friends can be found in Sanctum and Pandaemonium.


      Arari can be found at the Vifrost Bridge in Pandaemonium next to the City Teleporting Statue.


      Arika can be found near Elyos Square in Sanctum, right at the stairs.