How about having 250 exp "event" as permanent?

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    • Having 100% exp in week ends when most people don’t have work/studies ? I know gameforge doesnt work weekends but maybe implement the exp at Friday night or something, like an auto buff. Would be nice to have 50% exp at weekdays followed by 100% on weekends. Will help people to catch upto 75 a bit quicker. I saw a sorc from hyper while doing lab who had the new player title and was lvl 75 lol..
    • I wish people would not make a new thread but stick to already existing ones and eventually just post something there so it comes up again....
      Yes I know this is just about the weekends, but really, why a second thread?

      How about having 250 exp "event" as permanent?

      merging the threads...
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    • Xp boost and craft boost , will be a nice think , many people still didn’t have the magical craft and if you will take of the normally craft soon better let us lvl up the magical craft or lower the price in shop for amulets ( put normally prices at least to afford to people to buy it )and yes to stay more online the weekend is the best for the people who work
      aion was my wife :'.)
    • Galeas wrote:

      I forwarded already some time ago that a lot of you want more Xp boosts. that is why we had one recently, and probably we will have more in the future. But for now there is no plan for a permanent 250%.
      There is no need for a 24/7 XP boost but at least in weekends would be ok 150% or 200 boost (or as i suggested 250)
    • @Galeas my two cents on this topic:

      In the past many players and I think also Gameforge was against bigger EXP boosts on the weekend, cuz the majority was still in the leveling process, giving people that have no time to play on weekends a disadvantage, because they can't benefit from the boost.

      Nowadays, and I am pretty sure about that, over 90% of the players are 75. I think it's time for weekend 250% EXP boosts, so people can level up their alts or new characters and new players can catch up faster before 6.0
    • They gave us plenty of xp serums and merek during the past events, stars and other stuff, I don't think it will affect much their sales of xp boosting items since people got a lot of them for free.

      I think merging the 2 threads wasn't so great. I didn't vote on the permanent xp boost but I was inclined to say no, while I voted yes on the other one with just weekend xp.
    • Rym wrote:

      GF will not add a 250% XP boost even on weekends because doing so will damage the shop sales of XP boosting items.

      The XP boosts events will no longer be needed with the 6.0 update, where players can level up to level 80 even in 1 day (hardcore) or a few days (casual player).
      But knowing the situation on 6.0 , who would waste money on leveling up ? Tbh if i would get tired of leveling i would just quit it and wait for 6.0 , just like a lot ppl did . Imo it would only bring ppl back , since most ppl are 75 , that will make them viable and relevant . Weekends exp isnt so great imo , because some ppl can play on weekdays and some on weekends only , i would say if its a viable solution after 12pm when rankings are updated to go to 250% for 12hours which is the most active hours of each day. Then leave it at 50% .There is simply no point of people wasting money and time on that thing . People that are already 75 , are either enjoy the current content(whatever is enjoyable anyway....) or prepare themselfs for 6.0 , thats what this patch is all about tbh

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    • Galeas wrote:

      This Wednesday, the 28th of February 2018, we will perform our regular maintenance. Webservices and servers will not be reachable starting from 8:00 am CET.

      Aion Free-to-Play 6th Birthday (a news will be available tomorrow)
      • [Boost] +100% Exp (150% in total) will be activated on 28.02 until 01.03.2018
      • [Boost] +200% Exp (250% in total) will be activated on 02.03 tuntil 04.03.2018
      • [Boost] +100% Exp (150% in total) will be activated on 05.03 until 07.03.2018
      • [Boost] +150% Drop in Nosra and Esterra (200% in total) will be activated on 28.02 until 07.03.2018
      • [Boost] +200% AP will be activated on 02.03 until 04.03.2018
      • [Boost] +200% crafting will be activated on 02.03 until 04.03.2018

      • [Boost] +50% Crafting - will be deactivated
      • [PvE] Rift of Oblivion (bonus) - will be deactivated

    • Galeas wrote:

      There were way more EXP events than this. There was a big one for Halloween, then some more around christmas and then again in February. Hopefully we will also have some more in the future :)
      Im already aware of that but im reffering to the events that happen/didnt happen by the time i started this post , not everyone(especially new ppl) was able to participate in these 3 events because they happened already . I hope that aswell and i hope to happen pretty soon.
    • Yea I wasn't able to participate in the Halloween event as I wasn't playing, but I was able to participate in another two. There was also an xp event during the first race but I decided the race was more interesting so I skipped that one. Still, took me 4 months to get from 65 to 75, I didn't do lots of stuff that could give me xp, and I didn't buy any reset scrolls except the ones from npc. I think the xp is decent in 5.8, and some xp events here and there are still helpful. I expect they will do another one this Easter.
    • failboat wrote:

      Still, took me 4 months to get from 65 to 75
      4 months isnt a lot , if u are at earlies of 5.0 , but in this state/patch of the game , its pointless . 4 months in 5.8 -> 3 days in 6.0 . 1 month imo is enough for someone in the current situation to start preparing for 6.0 or gear up for the current patch .