Enchanting stigmas

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    • Enchanting stigmas

      After last patch it is possible to enchant stigma with another already enchanted stigma. Does anyone know how does this affect enchantment success?

      Does outcome depend on added values of both stigmas, meaning that the success chance the same if I try to enchant let's say 0 with +5 or +1 with +4 or +4 with +1 or +2 with +3 each time aiming for +5? Or it maybe depends only on the value of stigma we want to upgrade (left one in the stigma enchanting window, meaning that upgrading let's say left +3 stigma will always have the same chance of success no matter if you try to upgrade it with 0, +1 or any other higher stigma in the right slot).

      Basically I want to know if there is any difference if we choose to enchant stigmas in 9 x +1 steps or 4x +2 +1 or 3x +3 (making 3 x +3 stigmas first and then enchnant +3 with naother +3 to make +6 and then enchant +6 with +3) etc.
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    • I don't get it...

      Before last patch we couldn't use already enchanted stigma in right slot and that's why it was not necessary to reopen enchanting window each time. Last patchnotes mention the change:

      "5.Enhanced Stigmas can now be used as material for enchantments.
      Registration of enhanced Stigmas displays the corresponding info in the enhancement UI."

      And now we must reopen enchantment window each time cause there are more choices for right slot stigma. If 2x +3 results in +4 than this change is practically useless. There are better ways to make use of already enchanted stigma than to treat it as non-enchanted.

      Hmm, maybe there are different probabilities of success when using e.g. 2x +5? Like 1% for +10, 10% for +9, 10% for +8, 10% for +7 and 69% for +6?

      Can someone close to NC confirm how it works please?
    • for sure no matter which stigmas u use to enchant ur main stigma. that window is just warning about that u gona spend ur enchanted stigma. is just consumables no more. Becoz that nub window i already fked a few stigmas +5 and +6 cuz didint see that warning. got stigmas +8 and actually dont see difference between using stigmas +0 or +5 for enchant . If already enchanted stigmas would give better chance for successful enchantment it would be written in description of item i guess or in window when u improve stigma
      And stigma enchantment stone also terrible. already wasted x10 of them and cant enchant 1 stigma from +8 to +9 bad luck for sure. prefer to enchant in normal way with stigmas +0 xD these stones too expensive.

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