Neviwind Canyon - AFK Issue

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    • option 'kicking players' isn't good as other says - too many people would like to kicking persons who they dont like ;<

      a programm who will be able to automatic disconnect AFK people would be cool!
      ... but wonder If GF can manage such programme XD?

      but in otherwise I'm not sure - maybe ''report to support'' option?
    • Kick option is the best solution.

      If you get unfairly kicked you write a ticket and you report the player who unjustly kicked you.
      Problem solved.

      BUT, I couldn't care less, this problem is more prevalent on the elyos side. I think I only lost once in about 20 runs.
    • failboat wrote:

      How about you write a ticket for people being afk instead of writing one for being kicked? People don't pay attention to whoever are leaders and you don't even know who kicked you after you get kicked.
      You don't want to know how much of those Copy/Paste tickets i wrote and how much "Copy/Paste don't annoy us"- Support Answers i got.
      But i can tell you how much of those ppl got banned - Zero.
    • Click wrote:

      Noctis wrote:

      man wtreroll asmo side, asmos win 98% of the times
      At what times are you trying? For me the past week it was like 50/50 - if you land in a hopeless alli just leave it and apply again after 10 minutes. I’m usually doing that right after work around 18-20:00 server time and be done with it.
      gonna try. honestly i went at all times till now;

      think another issue is that ppl don't try to lead, i noticed that when we do have a leader or when i try to, we do well.

      p.s just had 8 wins in a row :DDDDD

      i skipped 3 days of neviwind quests till now, cuz i couldnt be bothered after 6-7 fails :c
    • its all random.
      often enough ppl tag up to lead or shout at the start to not afk or at least do one inc with xform but nobody follows. sometimes it works.
      usually those ppl get so pissed that they just leave at some point.
      what ive noticed is that when u have a headstart and earn alot of points right at the start u demotivate the other faction instantly and they afk. have seen some comebacks but mostly not the case.

      what ive noticed since the maintenance is that 80-215 (max i saw) ppl wait in queue while theres only 1 or 2 battlefields ongoing. dont think its because theres not enough ppl on the opposite (in this case asmo side) are applying but rather gf scared much that intra server breaks down again? :v
    • also we have a theory that asmos are logging their ely chars on 2nd client and afking there to screw us up. seeing so many low lvl ppl afk at 4-5 am also, its fishy and makes me think we re right :D why the hell would u log ur 68 naked char at 5 am in neviwind

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    • From what I do know is that certain Elyos apply dual client Neviwind. Going both clients even afk. They do it for the ap, stigma and HP... Don't ask me why, cause those rewards are really low, for sure ap wise.

      What I still find the best option is to remove everything from Neviwind beside from the soulstone bundle. It would at least stop the players to go for AP/HP/Stigma bundle.

      Beside from this. Could be implemented that once a person is a certain amount of time afk, you can vote kick. It's used in another game and been successful system. Players don't go afk at all cause the vote kick is fair. Combine that with a cd of minimum 60 minutes so they wont show up the next Neviwind might make them apply in lesser amount.

      I can give you so many screenshots of an alliance with 3/4 Elyos active and the rest just stays afk. Knowing some players are doing all to get the daily items. At the end we do double work due those afkers. Each day, they become more and more. Players think "If you can't beat the other faction, join the afk party...?"

      I can only hope something will be done cause I'm getting tired spending my whole days in Neviwind to not even get 4 daily wins. :/
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    • Xenomorph wrote:

      What I still find the best option is to remove everything from Neviwind beside from the soulstone bundle. It would at least stop the players to go for AP/HP/Stigma bundle.
      as said before :P
      and xeno, it's nothing different with the afk'ers on our side - some we even know are elys and dont have to assume

      on one hand I would be sad to see the possibility go of dualboxing (if they also implement gameguard and you can't even start sb for another client)
      on the other hand it would definitely put a hold on all that aswell