Additional source of APES and Serums, ETA?

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      failboat wrote:

      Same as with your 2 admins that are managing a server with 200 players and get illegal money from them, which are the same as bots/hack creators, that of course they are going to take care of their small group of people that buy stuff from them.
      On Asmodian Deyla sometime it feels like there are a maximum 300 players at peak, so there is not that a huge difference on the numbers. I played on a server that had 1k players and it was taken care of by 4 guys. It went well until P2W was the biggest problem.
      Enough L2 talking, the main point is that they care of their group of players, no matter how the server is (private or official), no matter if they pay or don't. Here.. hmm, i feel a slap in the face on a weekly base, not to say daily :/
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      The server Deyla can go up to 2-3k players at peak times. And we have more than one server in Aion EU. If you want to compare Aion or L2, compare them with other official regions. Look at NA, only 2 Aion servers and hackers were running freely for years. Their L2 team is just as bad at managing L2 as their Aion team. Those gm's don't get paid much, they pretty much don't care either, while your example with those admins, they make a living out of it and they are the ones getting rich.