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    • Gear System

      gear has gotten way too out of hand. I have about 30% pvp attack and I deal about 70-120 damage on someone while fully buffed as an assassin. now tell me that is not broken. and then for the person who I spend about 2 minutes attacking turns around and deals 2k's and 3k's like there is no tomorrow.
      Anyone else pissed off with this or is it just me? I should be seeing 500-700dps while fully buffed but bloody 70-120.. that is where I just say I give up with this game. it will never change. I was happy for 6.0 but to know that we are going to have the same lacklustre team behind it that cant even fix gear statistics is where I draw the line.
      Ahh oh yeah and I forgot to mention in the title aswell that they are practically selling +7 praetor gear in a box which is 1/3 the price of a goldpack gogo p2w players and get what would take us forever in just £100.
      Nice Team Management
      as much as I would love to have written this in a ticket I would have just gotten the same copy and paste answer that they probably give to everyone which is thanks we are forwarding this. when you say thanks for the copy and paste answer they will say it is not but when you write about it a week later and get the EXACT same message, it shows me that they don't care about anyone enough to give them a proper response.
      :dislike: :aangry: :asad: :atired:
    • Never seen a gear problem like this before, I have been way under geared in the past and still been able to do more damage than what I dished out on people who where at the AP gear +10-15 etc.. This is just stupid to see that I cant even make 5% of their HP even when I do have some ap items I don't have everything I chose the items that SHOULD have meant I would have dealt an insanely more amount of DPS, but to see a measly 70-120 fully buffed is pretty pathetic. but hey! just guess I was meant for PvE eh? lets put that dream of getting an asmo kill onto the shelf to collect dust because it isn't going to happen in this patch.
    • they had Praetor +15 weapon and all. it was meant to show the differences in how this games gear system is just pathetic. like having a decent set of accessories to counter these gear sets and it doing nothing was the main focus of this. and them doing the damage at the end was just to end the duel quickly. I mean it would take me a good 5 years to win that duel. if they where afk that is.
    • Your pvp attack is countered by their pvp defense, your physical attack is countered by their physical defense, your critical strike is countered by their strike resist, and not to forget their hp pool which is higher the more you upgrade and enchant your gear. Things are a lot more complicated than just stacking pvp attack. With your gear is normal.

      Getting spinel medals is easy now, try and get those, and farm ap, or just farm kinah and buy the praetor gear boxes from broker, it's really not going to take you much time.
    • the praetor boxes are like 500m each, and I don't have that kind of kinah let alone have anything to enchant it with since it will break within 2 seconds knowing my luck. not found a good way to farm AP yet. but how would leather armour make a difference if I am the one who is needing to deal damage? I mean yeah I get hit for tonnes but I am trying to maximise DPS I don't see how leather amour Is part of the reason, and I don't have enough to do even 1 enchantment lol, So is the +0 pvp gear better than the +10 scion I have at the moment, since the scion gives attack in the + and the PvP wont since I cant enchant it. I would have less stats in theory if I had the armour pieces equipped. I got like 200mill, I would need 4-5billion to get what you guys are suggesting lol. From supplements alone it would take about 48 weeks to get 5billion kinah. and that is kind of the only useful way to get kinah, that I know of. but still getting pvp armour seems kind of weird if I want to focus on parse. What do you guys think?
    • I will be honest, because sugar won't do it.

      Your gear is trash, you won't do crap with your scion gear.

      You NEED +5 FULL praetor accs set at minimum, followed by at least power +8 manastones in your +15 praetor set, +15 praetor wings, plume and +7-+8 bracelet.

      Only then will you deal normal sin damage.

      There are many ways to get kinah, ranging from alts to p2w. Unfortunately, a casual player can not dream of reaching the level of those who spam events and lunas with alts or who p2w.

      This is simply how the game is right now.
    • Well he is right at the end is f2p not p2w . I remember before how. Ice it was when everyone had the opportunity to farm gear and the difference was only who play better ( rotation and tactical thinks) now is like this > 1000 euro I am full gear and I can press random the skill I still can kill you the one that play 2-3 hours and maybe have a decent gear .... well we have a noce time now ? We can call a game for relax ? At least ok gp and bla bla bla what is in shop but items ? Pls at least put 1000 euro Pay2Win pack with all the set directly and we know better what to do
      aion was my wife :'.)
    • [NICK]sofast wrote:

      Yeah I know that that is why I put this post, because it feels so broken and it makes me feel crap. hoping enough people can realise this and get it changed. which is a long shot but someone has to try right?
      Just learn the game. I started from 0 , on a new acc, half a year ago. Now I am fully geared for both PvE and PvP.

      Aion isn't a game where you hop in and expect to be "the best".

      And I think this patch is far as well, thus far, because you cannot p2w the items you need to upgrade, yet. The moment Gameforge decides to add those to p2w it's gonna turn to nyerk again.
    • [NICK]sofast wrote:

      I have about 30% pvp attack and I deal about 70-120 damage on someone while fully buffed as an assassin. now tell me that is not broken. and then for the person who I spend about 2 minutes attacking turns around and deals 2k's and 3k's like there is no tomorrow.

      [NICK]sofast wrote:

      my gear was the scion stuff, I had praetor dagger with lumiel sword, 2 praetor rings and an earring, other earring was strife (was just searching through bags for pvp accessories at this point) and rest was PVE accessories, being the holy apollon belt, necklace & Hat

      [NICK]sofast wrote:

      they had Praetor +15 weapon and all.

      im quite surprised that they hit u only for 2-3k with that diffrence.
      let me bet, ure lvl 69 and they are all 75?
      then u wonder about all that... oh dear.
    • we where all level 75. just saying the the numbers where saying is all. and I have been playing since the start I just always end up behind even though I do max instances, all the sieges, all the dredgions etc. & to upgrade you need soulstones which can be gotten from broker & the other currency you can get from being afk in Nevy 4x a day. So really everything is P2W, you can buy kinah,AP,Gear,guess the only thing you cant buy is rank I guess. At least they fixed that!
    • Help me understand, you are level 75 and you still have scion armor, and some strife jewelry? How that happened? I came back a few months ago, as level 65, and today I'm still not 75 but I made a full set of praetor gear with some pieces +15. I think you should understand by now that in this patch, to advance and get gear, you need to have alts. Last week I made around 600 spinel medals, and ap is not hard to get but don't put the pressure on a single character, buy stuff with ap farmed on alts. It will take you some months but you will get there. Also, the ap gear that cost like 4m ap, just buy them from others if you're not patient enough. Enchanting level 75 ap gear doesn't break if you use mighty supplements. Don't use the gear parts until they are +15. Farm apes on the days with easy apes on alts, like xp, honor points or 3 mobs. Move the gear pieces from alt to alt and enchant it. When it's +15 use it on main (bind it). I don't know what to tell you, a lot of thing could have gone wrong in your case and I don't really know what to tell you. For starters, you can make your account 80/80, buy cheap rune warrior accessories, make them +5 yourself, with the free serums every half years, and use them. Do your weekly luna on as many level 10 you have, so you can get manastones every 7 weeks. So many things you can do to gain kinah.