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      @[GF] Mookie thank you very much for the autumn school uniform!

      any news about the Makarna weapon/armor/shield skins being added to the shop?
      I believe someone asked about them a while ago (a month or two), but it was unsure whether they'd get added

      would also be great to see beritra bard skins (the ones that were dropping from sauro and can be crafted, but can't really get people to craft them anymore), since the gunner one drops in SWB (along with every other class) but this one doesn't

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      why would you add them, unless the skin is completely different

      Kelekelio wrote:

      4. Instance reorganization and new ‘Prometon Workshop’ dungeon

      Makarna, Divine Tower, Garden of Knowledge, Mirash Sanctuary, Narakkalli will be moved to Lakrum along with the new instance.
      Tower of Challenge will now be a time-attack instance with 20 floors, and the difficulty will increase with each floor you pass.

      ‘Prometon Workshop’ is a new group instance that has been hidden for a very long time. In order to deal with prisoners using powerful ice arrows, cooperation and communication among the group members will be more important than ever.

      Steel Wall Bastion, Katalamize, Library of Knowledge and instances for levels 65+ that have not been move to Lakrum will be removed.

      The difficulty of Makarna will be increased, Garden of Knowledge will now be for 3 players, and Narakkalli for 6 players.

      [Prigga, the final named boss]
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      more or less because that's in 6.0 and we're still in 5.6 with no news (?) about 5.8 :c
      and with makarna difficulty being increased (though we don't know to what extent) and gear probably untradeable, odds are it'll take a good while until the plebs can run it and get the skins (assuming it's same skin we're going after)
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      the shield and wings is the only thing kinda hard to get, as for the rest: actually do something for your skins for once, its not like its hard anways lmao
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      Good afternoon,

      I have a suggestion regarding a certain item or item sets available in Aion coin shop.
      It's been quite a while since I last saw Mastarius / Veille sets available for purchase. It is also becoming quite rare to be in possession of such item, not to mention that it's actually almost impossible to be in possession of previously mentioned items on "new" servers.

      My suggestion is simple: Bring them back to Aion shop, even if only for a limited period of time, I'm more than certain that a lot of people (including myself) would buy them, meaning you would satisfy playerbase as well as earn more money via your famous shop.
      I mean, business is business, right? Akakakak