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      Thanks for the free skins :)
      However it is kinda bittersweet for me personally as I have to gamble for the couple shirt if Im not lucky.
      I suggest you keep this system but also add the skins seperately so you can either get it for free with luck, try gamble or simply buy the one you want for more coins :)
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      [GF] Mookie wrote:

      [NICK]yianen wrote:

      Will Autumn School Uniform be back anytime soon? I got one for myself last time, but now with new gear i need to again since i will lose the remodel after upgrade:<
      I´ll add it in one of the March updates.
      Why? Is this the same reason why you added an RNG loot-crate that had Ice Skate ( what 90% people buying that bundle wanted ) and made people spend thousands of coins / millions of kinah to get it, and then next week you added it in cash shop for 200c outside of a loot-crate?

      Why does it say Autumn on it then? Has the global warming caused the weathers to shift? Here I thought Autumn was in September.

      How about make people wait till next Autumn.

      I bet some random asked you to add Ice Skate because they couldn't get it since it was rare, and you said yeah that makes sense I'll add it, and pretty much scammed everyone else who spent coins/kinah ( a lot ) to buy.