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    • Divine wrote:

      to me it doesnt matter if they put good or bad enchqnt stone offers because i only buy a skin here and there. Id prefer a big catalogi of skins instead of 2 weeks a skin too. I dont like spending on enchant stones cus if they fail you end with nothing.
      In fact most of the time you'll end up with less then what you started with (if you attempt upgrading anything other than +0 or +10)
      Yet another ridiculous shop downgrade. How some people still beg for gf to put in skins so they can gladly give their money to this company is beyond me.
    • esset23 wrote:

      Divine wrote:

      Tradable contracts ? Good for ppl who have kinah but no aion coins. So for f2p players. I wonder how much they go for ingame though and if it bumps gold pack price
      Those won't be cheaper than 12 375 000, for sure. If you need more contracts, just buy them on your alts. You have 11 chars for that.
      Those are different scrolls with lower % at the good forms tho. But yea, the price will definitely be stupid in comparison to GP price, or it will inflate GP price as the sellers wanna good Buck to Kinah ratio with these. Aion economy is one of the most moronic non-logical things there are, pretty sure people gonna try to sell these with GP prices, or more.