GG 75 Cleric (Heal/DPS) + 74 Assassin LF Narakkalli Group (Elyos)

    • Elyos

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    • GG 75 Cleric (Heal/DPS) + 74 Assassin LF Narakkalli Group (Elyos)


      my Girlfriend (75 Cleric) and me (74 Sin) looking for a Group for Narakkalli. Unfortunately we never did the ini yet but we watched alot of videos/strreams and guides and are not dumb :P. Gear:

      Cleric: 26k HP (full Holy Apollon DEF-Set) / 5.5k MV 1k Mcrit (Holy Apollon DMG-Set) (PVE-Ranks: Herminedanger)
      Sin: 1.4k Attack Main/Off, 4.6k Accu, 1.4k-1.5k Crit (Fallusha + Holy Apollon) (PVE-Ranks: Ronweavley)
      (Stats with Scrolls and Bufffood)

      We dont neccesarily need a Preamde Group, we would love to join if you have two free spots so we can get some experience (and pverank narakkalli dps) so we can finally join random Groups :)
      Thx in advance
    • didnt u spam nara with "mightiest" nevio?

      in any case from time to time i recruit 1 or 2 runs , at what time are u playing (how late u are willing to stay)
      ps. as advice try to get 75 on the sin coz of golmir, most alliances are running it and not great many of them have that uber dps to do it with less ppl