fallusha set blessing

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    • fallusha set blessing

      hey , i really want to know how we can bless the fallsuha set if people dont make to much narakaly and dont invite people ? another option ?will be something and for people that dont have the opportunity to find ally for that instance?
      it doesnt matter if you are a pro person or a normally one they dont take you. so how i can bless my set?
      aion was my wife :'.)
    • i apply all the time i am a sorcer lvl 75 full falusha +15 knowledge plus 7 full accesory fallusha weapon fallusha with bygone plus 15 and they say no , what the hell to do ?i think better was to implement one quest for the thinks to bless the items , hard quest but at least everyone can do it
      aion was my wife :'.)
    • People are watching PVEranks way too much nowadays. If someone uploaded your worst run to PVEranks you're out of luck because people will see that you were dead for like 10 minutes in Narakali and did no dmg so they won't invite you.

      I got this same problem too with certain servers. I mainly heal in Narakali so my PVERanks looks like I've done 0 dmg majority of the runs and it doesn't show healing nor my stats (for some reason I can't even upload my DPS because Aionrainmeter is bugged). :) Those few I did DPS in were done more than 4-6 months ago when I was leading my own alliance.

      Trying to join a premade is probably the best option if you want to get your stuff upgraded. Not all alliances have so high requirements. I would probably make a premade again if it wasn't such pain in the nyerk to get 12 people to be online at same time.
    • Dunno i personally always download ARM sessiosn to check the ppl if they got killed by bomb or if they were slacking or w/e i can see pretty much almost everything form the arm session, which is why i dont like the aidps uploads.
      Unfortunately most ppl dont even care to check that or when the session was uploaded. Watching other isntances runs also gives u an idea even if the guy dont have nara runs uploaded yet.
      If u are full falluha may be try building own ally?
      ps. whats your char name and what faction are u
      On cross 90% of the alliances (ely side) are already statics, rarely searching for others or high speed runs in which ppl rarely invite ppl they dont know/havent proven themselves/
      I myself had rly rly hard time starting the nara runs. While on grendal had few statics that broke 1 after another coz ppl didnt give a nyerk about the isntance to show up on time and then nothing. On deyla was it was meeeeh no1 wanted to help me out in the begining, so it was 1 lucky run with xingo on cross that he gave me chance on sorc and then i geared up from there on in between all my chars.However now Gear can be bought so not so hard gearwise.
      @Cinerea this with the 12ppl to be on at same time is not the issue, the dumb honor point system is the problem that forces the mad hp farmers to go to every stupdi "pvp wannabe instance" and every siege(to even afk)
      I never once had issues getting ppl for whatever before we got that honor point nyerk with 4.5
    • What sort of reply do you expect?

      If there aren't enough offers, offer something yourself.

      Moreover I had no issues being invited to alliances when I looked for them - even 3 times in a row one evening though I didn't know them (since I hadn't been looking for EM alliances for a while now).
      Of course some ignore you as well (or maybe they are full, what do I know), but it doesn't matter. Furthermore the files that are uploaded currently only show some average gladiator in my opinion, so not that superior either (though I have no idea as well if anyone checked me or just thought 'lvl 75 gladiator, fine').
    • Daygum wrote:

      full fallusha but no one invite you...there is something wrong here, you fulled your set buying pieces? if yes you dont deserve the blessed one
      Unless you do NM/HM you'll hardly get any amour parts. Not to forget that even Holy Apollon can be turned into Enhanced Fallusha. You may very well criticize all of this, but it's certainly not the player's fault.
      Especially considering how many clerics e.g. there are per alliance. Completely different situation compared to AT or similar classes no one plays/needs.
    • Well i know a lot of players with full fallusha and able to do nothing in game, just bought everything at the broker...This is the real stupid thing but sadly this is aion nowaday. You can finish every instance with apollon set so i dont get why someone should bless a narakali set (armour in this case) that works fine for everything until 6.0.

      ps dont think is a class problem if you just need the blessing item
    • well for some of you i can bet that for dps/damage i can make better than you :) and another think is no diference if you buy the set or farm it the problem is how you use and if you know the instance but anyway thx to all and i expect maybe one good player or maybe galeas to answer what we can do to improve this . nobody born knowing everythink and all of you was on beggining
      aion was my wife :'.)

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    • As was already suggested, you could always try to form your own alliance for it.
      So far I know of no other way to get the blessing items, but I will link it to Galeas tomorrow
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    • Daygum wrote:

      ps dont think is a class problem if you just need the blessing item
      Well, getting Fallusha non-enhanced if you are playing certain classes without buying anything can be annoying. Of course you can as well buy it or upgrade Apollon instead though.
      The problem is mostly that you get a good amount of items everywhere and that you don't have to work for any gear in Aion. For now. But it's not like this is surprising knowledge or that it'll remain like that.

      Sooner or later the items will appear in events, boxes, just anywhere. Then we don't even have to bother about the instance anymore. In my opinion that's simply very boring in the end (just like all the instances where you fight tons of trash until you face the only mob that drops anything...), but not surprising at all.

      Daygum wrote:

      Well i know a lot of players with full fallusha and able to do nothing in game
      No one has to do anything nowadays. Why bother improving DPS and movement if you receive only 2 items from HM from time to time (or even 0 from NM)? Why bother doing HM or NM if the armour is being thrown at you in every single event for months now? Why bother doing Holy Tower or whatever if you don't need those instances either?
      It's tons of "why's" in my opinion and therefore I don't even see a reason in complaining anymore. Working hard to achieve anything is pointless nowadays and will remain pointless until 6.0 at least - and we all know as well that there's no point to gear up for 6.0 either.

      And I can hardly comment on @[NICK]ciotau unless he states his character name here.
    • Sophisticated wrote:

      Wait.. werent u the one in need of help at one time when nobody knew you? And remind me the last time i went to an instance to " show off " or to compete.

      Another pve hero.
      What I miss from your posts are are reasons for your opinion. If you don't want people to check PvERanks if the people are unknown - how shall they determine if someone might be fine to take or not? By gear? By knowing them? That is how it was handled before. Is that more accurate (or fair)? I sort of doubt it.
    • I just carried 2 new ppl with zero knowledge and after 2 min of explaining did very well. I didbt say the website isnt useful i said its major bs because you people already decide in advance due to criteria of one or another. Rather to address the negative aspect of it you rush to defend it. I'd take a loser any bloody day and not you pve heroes lel, But do enjoy living in the bubble.