Narakalli with learning purposes. vol 2

    • Elyos

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    • Narakalli with learning purposes. vol 2

      Making another round of this, probably some ppl would be same and may be some new ppl would wish to participate. 1st one was a surprisingly smooth.
      The run will take place at 19:00 server time Thursday(15th March) if enough seemingly decent ppl are gathered(by my judgement)
      The run would be:
      -the usual 6 missions 1armor,1weap,4accesory
      -NO golmir
      -4-5 transform ppl(75s) for smoother def part.
      -FULL SWITCH on the last boss
      -2supports per group as its training mode and i dont expect super pros
      -all DPS to have 20k hp w/o buff ! (i am sorry but unless some1 is extremely experienced if this condition is not met the run may continue for waaay too long, every1 can put health points in the stats instead of boosting skills to reach that)
      -using teamspeak
      -understanding english , and paying attention to what's being said
      -talking and moving with the entire ally for the missions and boxes so every1 sees where is everything
      -drop would be class(OR you could choose to roll for another class and pass the for the one u currently u are on, IF you say so in the begining of the run or pre-recruit, in order everything to be fair.) If you win 1 item, next will be for another person.

      So i plan on going on either Templar or Sorc ,

      What i would like to have as setup is
      Group 1
      1.cleric (Herminedanger-Gren cler 75)
      2.chanter(or 2nd cleric (Kadex chanter)
      3.Templar or glad (glad iost-deyla 75)
      4.DPS (Carrypotter glad 75)
      5.DPS (sorc Alternative-Deyla)
      6.DPS (sorc Abominationz-Antri 75)

      Group 2:
      1.cleric (Housemd-Deyla)
      2.cleric (Niyanna-Deyla 75)
      3.bard (Whiteheather-Deyla)
      4.templar glad or AT (glad Zlades-Gren 75)
      5.dps (sorc Aionking-Helli 75)
      6.dps (sorc Kisandra-Deyla 74)

      (maximum 1 SM for the alliance)

      No previous experience is required. But that being said if i deem that u are not good enough with your class i will not be willing to invite u(ofc i might be wrong with somebody showing promise but being bad but i dont wanna filther way too much as its purpose is learning,getting into the isntance)
      Either write reply here, or on PM if u prefer to.
      PS. if u wanna participate leave a link to pveranking(i am analyzing your other runs, not required to have previous nara sessions) of your char or/and screenshot of your char stats(with char name!)

      info for all SORC:

      t0re wrote:

      its obligatory to REMOVE summon whirlwind and ice sheet stigmas, if u want dps stigmas replace them with summon rock and arcane thunderbolt (both of them do more dmg/cd anyway) this is not some trash instance where elemental def is not a thing and those 2 mage huge huge dps.
      summon whirlwind and ice sheet are nice for gomir small adds, but thats about it
      -they can nyerk up your healing part on the def.
      -they can nyerk up the ally during soulfreeze
      -they can nyerk up the ally during frozen lump
      -they can nyerk up the ally during chilling cold
      -single target dmg in narakalli summon rock >= summon whirlind, arcane thunderbolt >= ice sheet
      meaning there is absolutely 0 point in using those since u have to be rly taking care exactly when u land them, which defeats the purpose of having them in the 1st place.

      since there seem to be interest and from what i see may be we'll end up being more than 12 ppl would try to build 2nd ally setup:
      The run will take place at 19:00 server time Wednesday(14th March)(the day before the above run) if enough seemingly decent ppl are gathered(by my judgement)
      Same rules as above(in this one i will be on templar or sin):
      Group 1
      1.cleric (cler Herminedager-Gren 75)
      2.chanter(or 2nd cler)(chant Meowkay 74)
      3.Templar or glad (glad Carrypotter-Gren 75)
      4.DPS (sorc Bozan-Deyla 75)
      5.DPS (sorc Abominationz-Antri 75)
      6.DPS (sin Crossfire-Deyla?, if other dps is interested write, i could also go on temp before 2nd tank slot is taken)

      Group 2:
      1.cleric (Niyanna-Deyla 75)
      2.cleric (chant moonbiter 75) (sorry define but no answer, no nothing even ppl from your server cant find u)
      3.bard (Naryne-Deyla 75)
      4.templar glad or AT (Zlades-Gren)
      5.dps (sorc Kisandra-Deyla 74)
      6.dps (sorc Marxe-Deyla 75)

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    • guys any one can give me that russin ts, they are making Narakalli with english people too, I tried to find them but still I can't finde, maybe some one from you know about them?? Thanks
      Monitoring Plan
    • Me too, still have to sacrifice Hermine so we get better drops tho!
      Healer's Oath

      "When the flame of life glimmers in the wind, my hand shall guard it.
      When the weak waver on their path, my spirit shall be their guide.
      When the strong fall to darkness, my heart shall be their beacon."
    • Define wrote:

      I would like to come also, Define-Helli Cleric 74
      for wednesday(14th) ? (thursday seems kinda full)
      also can u tell me some info about your gear? (how much HP unbuffed)
      and sorry for asking this but i see only 1 session at all uploaded with u and dont know you, so gotta ask - do u know how to pre-cast heals :D
      i like your avatar ;D

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