Make pvp instances more revarding [half-dead pvp instances problem]

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    • Make pvp instances more revarding [half-dead pvp instances problem]

      Hello all. As you probably know pvp instances like runatorium,bmr,kamar,swb pvp are half-dead. In my opinion the reason for this is that the revards are unnatractive. Most of them are like from path 4.5. The revards for playing pve are great, appes,serum,better gear,ap(kumuki),minionite. But what we got for winning kamars,runa,bmr-s ? Ap ? More we get for doing pve ? Spinel medals ? The only thing we get from winning pvp instances are honour points. We stil play pvp because we like it, but why pve playes can have both ? funn and revards. In my opinion pvp instances were always an important part of Aion. But now they are kinda dead... My suggestion is to adapt the revards for pvp to the current path or make repeatable q for winning with good revards. Many good friends of mine quited aion because the current state of pvp. You can say that there are many ways to play pvp like siege and nevi canyon. But you cant join siege and canyon with you premade 6 people group. All people from my legion end in another party. People dont know what to do everyone is somewhere else, or they just afk. Its hard like hell to play group pvp with the people you like. 6vs6 instances are dead, siege rare when we are in the same group, nevi canyon when we want to play together we have to set up our own ally. But the waiting time is sometimes like 1,5h. Is group pvp supposed look like this ? Im my opinion some serious changes are needed. I invite everyone to the discusion. Have a great day and sorry for my bad english.
    • Agreed. Some ppl that know me - they know that I try to make runatorium group everytime it is possible. I did it almost everyday since came back in 4.9.

      Current situation: I didn't run runatorium for 1+ month (since first day of 5.8). People don't want to do it anymore. Indeed why do you need to do group pvp if you can do canyon that gives needed items for upgrading gear?