serwer-wide instanceziones drop settings

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    • serwer-wide instanceziones drop settings

      do you want such a changes? 37
        Yes (35) 95%
        No (2) 5%
      I have a suggestions, cause latelly I am vitness of many situations when on server-wide group on instancezoes leader changes loot settings to "leader only' while group almost killings the last boss.

      In my opinion this is terrible acting and should be punishing. But of course support can't do anything with it :) - so Im fellings that this situation is not fair....

      so my question is:
      @Galeas, could the GF team can changes the settings on serwer-wide instancezones to pernament FFA? or implemented a vote system when leader wants make any change in loot distribution?

      and what about Aion community thinks? guys, could you take part of vote in this treat?
    • failboat wrote:

      Easiest option would be like in PvP instances. You can't kick, can't change loot and so on.
      I remember in pvp instances you can´t change loot to ffa? Thats right? This means for example if some person is afk (or something else) in narakkalli at the first 15 minutes you can´t loot some keys/bomb if youre unlucky?
      carried by Google Translator
    • Or maybe choose before entering the instance if you want it to be FFA or let the leader pick while in instance. Make it like two choices: 1) FFA all instance 2) You trust the leader on picking the looting system. It's a nobrainer but while it takes ages for NCSOFT to do any kind of addition or change in game, we are going to see this implemented in Aion in one or maybe two years Kappa
    • failboat wrote:

      You can't kick, can't change loot and so on.
      You can't kick even in pve now and that's horrible. Yesterday on guy just AFKed all run, in the end try to roll everything, picked Fallusha magic shield and just leaved. GG WP, noone can punish him for that. So will be nice implement some vote system both for drop and kick options.
    • to add kick option on pve cross instance also not good idea, who prevents them just to kick player in the end and just get free loot ?. even on normal servers this problem exists. Leaders just kicking people at end and dont let them to loot. It happened to me and my friend. And GF supports do not want to punish those.
      Kick system or no, situation wont change much. everywhere will be always problems. same as now in Canyon leaders abuse kicks. if they see somebody on the base and no matter what if he just died or teleported to the base to buy scrolls or just wanted to use another teleport, they just get kick just cuz 3 seconds on main base. so no. The result will be one and one ansver from GF supp " do not join randoms do not invite randoms create ur own grup/alli" thats all.
    • yeah, so basically I do not suggest it (to add the kicking option) just PERNAMENT FFA

      In todays days, due to very low online in the late evening (whih time I basically plays) the serwer-wide recruitment is the best option to find the group in short amount ot time...

      so I am using it, and feel that this "copy&paste" reply from support about not adding to random group clearly showing that they dont playing in AION and dont know that all about PVE is instancezone now (since the word drop isn't exist XD - actually in this time we have very good event with cratf; but usually - just didn't exist)
    • I agree something need to happen cause cross server is growing, and basiclly i run cross server most of the time. But i allso hate to have the feeling that this leader will ninja.

      Unfortunelly alot of people in a game do not give a rats popo about anyone then them self. so this makes that thise rotten people simply will do what ever they want to.
    • failboat wrote:

      I didn't say it's the best option but it's the easiest to implement, as they already developed this system. I also want this change applied only for the smaller instances, as they can do this per instance.
      tbh they should do this in all, cos they starting to changing loot in bigger ones too Lok for me, GoK on Piton for my friend the other day, and even some on Narakali, i know Narakali there is the key issue when someone rolls it by accident but it is less of an issue than having whole drop taken
    • At least there should be a way to block all these people. Maybe there is and I don't know it but once they left the instance, I just can't block them anymore, and the ones you managed to block can't be imported on other of your characters. I have to start building a list but for now I already see that the majority are from hyper, then urtem and some from antri. I should just don't invite any from these servers but there are still some that aren't scammers.
    • it is a short-time solution, and to blocking somebody you need to be frist cheated by someone .....but still the problem exist..

      I think if not everybody in our Aion society know how to behave decently then wee need a strict rules to play together on serwer-wide-instancezones ...
      that why I hope they change the rules of drop settings - ideally should be any voting system but if it is possible? for quick fix I thing the best solution is pernament ffa - at least on 3-person instances