Joining pvp instances just to afk

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    • Joining pvp instances just to afk

      Gameforge can you start putting a system into place for dredgion bmr runat kamar ect to enable a kick option for people afking it’s been a On going problem which you seem to ignore why is this?

      This has such s negative impact on other players experience and it’s pure laziness.

      You need to be doing things to improve the game and try to encourage players to join/return but in the current state the game is we are losing too many

      6.0 isn’t going to be a fix for players leaving this why you need to implement these features to discourage players from doing it.

      Same goes for sieges ect players that do all the work get the sane rewards as tho who afk and this is wrong.
    • AFKing was always an issue, even at the height of Aion's popularity so I really don't think it has any effect on much in the long run, other then potentially ruining your quick entry, but then again if you cared for the instance you wouldn't go in via quick entry.
      It made sense for the kick option to be implemented to something as big as Neviwind, as the number of players is too big and quick entries can't be avoided. But I don't see the need for it for 6v6, 12v12 etc.
    • I like the idea Gfis said about removing the reward but then they would still enter hoping the rest of the group get a win and they didn’t have to do anything

      It needs to become a punishable offence, I see so many people getting angry because we get full group and 2-3 sometime 4 are afk
    • failboat wrote:

      There is a system in place, it's called forming your own team.
      An example:
      There are 3 Adred runs. I do 1 with full team.
      Next runs I dont need to do full run cause quests are able only once per day.
      So, I do 2nd and 3rd runs only for Serum in the middle.
      I tried to make group, but nobody joins only for Serum rush. So, I am forced to do it by quick entry with randoms or to make new group for full run everytime cause nobody needs to do cptn 3 times in a row for this ridiculous amount of reward for cptn.

      Also I sometimes do these 66-69 runs by all alts with 2nd window to farm apes/serum to enchant gear. But it's indeed hard to find 3rd static person that will do it by 7+ alts. Furthermore, sometimes when I invite random via wide-server, they enter very quickly with their SSD, so they get lead and dont pass it when I ask. If they enter in very first second with fast PC, they dont pass lead, for me it means they are interested in stealing drop.

      But at the same time I agree that some ppl can abuse kick-system.
    • Well, in my experience, everyone that asked for lead so far, in all those 3 man instances, has changed the loot to leader. That's my experience. Good thing it doesn't happen often, only happened a few times. Rest of the times, when nobody asks for lead, have been good. Of course it can happen that the person wanting to steal already has leader. I don't know if we ever going to see a fix for this.

      As for dredgion, I used to put my alts in 3x dredgion every day, to get ap to buy gear and stuff, and 99% of the people that joined by quick entry only joined for the quest with mobs, so it was fine for me. Now that you can get more ap elsewhere, I stopped going dredgion. When I was playing in NA there was a big trend on making groups just for afk dredgion, here in Eu I see nothing like that.
    • Of course there is a fix for loot stealers.

      Stealing loot is a direct violation of the ToS to which all players agree to, whether they like it or not, whenever they log into the game.

      It is a violation because it is directly impacting the fun of others ingame, which goes against the current terms of service. You are forbidden from ruinning other player's fun and experiences in the game.
    • In theory you're right but people have been sending tickets and you know the response... it's allowed, therefore nothing wrong, so make your own groups. This is fine if you play on a populated server, and I do, but I still prefer the lazy and quick recruitment of cross server groups, and for situations like entries reset, which happened a few times already. I guess this is to send people away, even those who complain their fun and experience has been ruined in open world, by pvp.
    • failboat wrote:

      Well, in my experience, everyone that asked for lead so far, in all those 3 man instances, has changed the loot to leader. That's my experience
      agreed. I never have passed lead to some1 asking for it, and wont regardless if he actually created the group in 1st place(unless i actually know the guy). I can lead and mark every instance so i dont need to give it to any1.

      failboat wrote:

      here in Eu I see nothing like that
      we had that on previous patches like there were between 5 and 15 groups just for that each time dred was open