narakaly !!!! we look for a premade

    • Elyos

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    • narakaly !!!! we look for a premade

      sorcer 75 bard 73 and cleric 72 we need one premade for narakaly if its possible after 18.00 in the night doesnt matter the day !!! who is kind and can invite us we will listen and make you dont regret :D we need only the instance and we can pass everything first 5 runs .again thx and pls pm me who need all this 3 persons :S hellion elios side:D
      aion was my wife :'.)

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    • There's a thread every week for 3 weeks now called Narakkalli with learning purposes for elyos. The purpose of this run is to teach people how to do it and to help them with runs on pveranks so in the future u may be invited by others. GL :)
      easy mode - casual PvE hero

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    • Well I guess he already participated at least himself in those, but therefore he shall be aware now that people tend to ask for stuff like
      • PvE Ranks Profiles
      • Gear/Stats
      • Experience
      • What job is the cleric supposed to do?
      And pardon me, but this sentence isn't clear to me: "we need only the instance and we can pass everything first 5 runs"
      You want to do 5 runs as a spare or...?
    • I mean normaly people make runs and have a roll Fixed or A-T least like this was in every top instances That i was and Yes we really want to Find some people who can Take us , i dont know who make this pve ranks or who is looking but i know players and i am one of them That can do a lot of dps but i never Upload on internet . Anyway lets not say to much and remain to the think who can invite us and want That we beggin to be from the premade
      aion was my wife :'.)
    • Kurokami wrote:

      Wish i was still in 3.x
      In ancient times you simply knew nearly everyone because it was all server-centered, nowadays it's about intraserver, tons of unknown people and instances that require more communication (and it's not like everyone just invited you to DLR/TH back then either like that).
      Mostly you're enabled to choose as well since Narakkalli became more attractive again for players - therefore I don't consider people that act too secretive about themselves or on the other hand go overboard with their self-appraisal. Others may have a different point of view of course, but considering that some people often ask for a reason I tried to provide some part of an explanation.
    • Kurokami wrote:

      Ye its just ridicoulous. Wish i was still in 3.x
      its not ridicilous, it was same in 3.x , with the only difference that quality players back then were 40-50% , now they're barely 1% of the overal population, and thats what changed majorly
      almost every1 i played with at 3.x is looong gone, some playing dota some playing lol some playing fps games, some dont play anything at all
    • t0re wrote:

      with the only difference that quality players back then were 40-50%
      I humbly disagree.
      Anybody still remember how many alliances even had a realistic chance to kill Tiamat in 3.5 per server? I doubt anybody would need more than one hand to count those.
      Back then, we didn't even really have DPS meters. Sure, some people used them, especially on Tiamat herself; but in the end, it was community driven and you just "knew" who was a good player or who wasn't.

      In a way, it's better today. Just post some good DPS and you're good to go. Your "CV" is your responsibility now - if people didn't like you back then, you had no chance of finding a proper alliance even your DPS was great.