New NPC in Aion!

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    • New NPC in Aion!

      Get valuable items from your new favourite merchant!

      Thanks to terrific player feedback, the new Shugobot is opening his Shugo Vending Machine in Atreia. He trades exclusively on the European servers and eases your game progress and improves the dynamic when farming end-game instances. Moreover, he provides you with more flexibility and freedom.

      You will receive Shugo Gold when you defeat powerful bosses in various instances. You can then use this to get extraordinary bundles from the Shugobot. It’s even easier than ever to get to valuable enchantment items and top-tier items with the Shugobot and his Shugo Vending Machine. Pay him a visit! You’ll find him in all the capitals – he looks forward to meeting you!

      On top of this, you can give him your coins for non-tradeable as well as tradeable enchantment items, mounts, costumes and other useful items.

      Please note: We decided to have a 2 weeks trial period where we test the NPC on live and check the outcome regarding the amount of coins you can obtain from the bosses.
      After this period, we will evaluate the amounts again and adapt them if necessary.


      You can currently get 14 different bundles for Shugo Gold. Bundles 1 to 4 only contain one item in varying quantities. Bundles 5 to 14 hold a bunch of valuable items.

      Bundles 1 to 4

      Bundles 5 to 14


      • The amount of Shugo Gold as well as the available bundles will be modified as necessary.
      • The prices and properties of bundles as well as the amount of items in them will be adjusted and refreshed from time to time.
    • New NPC addition:

      The amount of shugogold you can get from dungeons has been doubled for Library of Knowledge, Garden of Knowledge, Museum of Knowledge, Adma Ruins, Elemental Lord's Laboratory, Arkhal's Hidden Space, Kroban Base . The Rift of Oblivion (normal) now drops shugogold too (2 shugogold per Commander Gegares)