Cleric Heal LF Nara EM - Asmo side

    • Asmo

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    • Cleric Heal LF Nara EM - Asmo side

      Hi all, I'm searching for a spot (permanently if possibile) in Narakkalli EM.
      Cleric support lvl 75, I’ve done some runs with randoms.
      Gear: Ancient Fallusha ( Im working for acc grey wolf)
      HP: 25k without buff
      Availability: evening, but I wont start later than 10.00 pm.
      TS preffered, Discord available.
      Speaking English and Italian.

      Whisper me Ladysgrazia - Deyla - Asmodian

      I will be unavailable in game from 30th march to 5 april due to Easter Holidays.

      Thank you for your time and kind attention.