Narakalli with learning purposes. vol 5

    • Elyos

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    • Narakalli with learning purposes. vol 5

      Making another round of this.
      The run will take place at 19:00 server time Monday(2nd Aprtil) if enough seemingly decent ppl are gathered(by my judgement)
      The run would be:
      -the usual 6 missions 1armor,1weap,4accesory
      -NO golmir
      -4-5 transform ppl(75s) for smoother def part.
      -FULL SWITCH on the last boss
      -2supports per group as its training mode and i dont expect super pros
      -all DPS to have 20k hp! (i am sorry but unless some1 is extremely experienced if this condition is not met the run may continue for waaay too long, every1 can put health points in the stats instead of boosting skills to reach that)
      -using teamspeak
      -understanding english , and paying attention to what's being said
      -talking and moving with the entire ally for the missions and boxes so every1 sees where is everything
      -drop would be class(OR you could choose to roll for another class and pass the for the one u currently u are on, IF you say so in the begining of the run or pre-recruit, in order everything to be fair.) If you win 1 item, next will be for another person.

      What i would like to have as setup is
      Group 1
      1.cleric (define-helli)
      2.chanter(or 2nd cleric) (naemerya-deyla)
      3.Templar or glad (Teraxis-temp)
      4.DPS (pooor-deyla)
      6.DPS (Masasi-Antri)

      Group 2:
      1.cleric (Icyheal-deyla)
      2.cleric (silkybun-deyla)
      3.bard (Lilishor-Deyla)
      4.templar glad or AT (istan on his AT)
      5.dps (Bozan-deyla)
      6.dps (poharan-barus)

      (maximum 1 SM for the alliance)

      No previous experience is required. But that being said if i deem that u are not good enough with your class i will not be willing to invite u(ofc i might be wrong with somebody showing promise but being bad but i dont wanna filther way too much as its purpose is learning,getting into the isntance)
      Either write reply here, or on PM if u prefer to.
      PS. if u wanna participate leave a link to pveranking(i am analyzing your other runs, not required to have previous nara sessions) of your
      char or/and screenshot of your char stats(with char name!)

      info for all SORC:

      t0re wrote:

      its obligatory to REMOVE summon whirlwind and ice sheet stigmas, if u want dps stigmas replace them with summon rock and arcane thunderbolt (both of them do more dmg/cd anyway) this is not some trash isntance where elemental def is not a thing and those 2 make huge huge dps. The only thing u could do is kill your group/slow down the run.

      -they can nyerk up your healing part on the def.
      -they can nyerk up the ally during soulfreeze
      -they can nyerk up the ally during frozen lump
      -they can nyerk up the ally during chilling cold
      -single target dmg in narakalli summon rock >= summon whirlind, arcane thunderbolt >= ice sheet meaning there is absolutely 0 point in using those since u have to be rly taking care exactly when u land them, which defeats the purpose of having them in the 1st place.

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    • t0re wrote:

      -understanding english , and paying attention to what's being said
      thats all i have to say, its written in the initial post.
      Now i reealy i am not sure if you just dont understand englsih in general, or u just dont care to listen like your buddy that prefers to flame me instead when i tell him something
    • PS.

      For now i am done with learning runs, aparently no1 wanna actually learn the instance. lately i go with so many alliances that no1 even says they're 1st time or they have no clue whats going on that i have to stay 3-4 hours in 1 EM run... This mentality is just beyond anything reasonable. leechers every1. Worst part is if i try to open my mouth to tell them u need to stay here or there do that or that, i'm being told that i am idiot or not to teach them how to play or simmilar.

      For people to understand- Questions i get asked:
      But are we gonna finish in 1hour / Can u guarantee we will finishi n 1 hour / etc
      Can i come on my lv 71 glad with lok accesories.
      Can you take me (lv 74 sin (which is fine) and my friend lv 71 bard (4.5k mb)
      But i dont wanna do XX thing can some1 else do it
      Some1 with low dmg: I dont wanna be killed 1st with bomb. / etc
      Cleric linking me apo staff+apo staff as dps weapon , and blocking him after tellign him i am doing nara learning runs not class learning runs.
      Why whyyyy does every1 want to be served everything on silver platter, as i wrote before , i am willing to teach people, help them, BUT i am in no way gonna be a slave to them, i got much better stuff to do than give free loot to some1 that wont do anything in the entire run.

      The other day even joined some "NM ally" , being asked if i know nm on which i answered yes and told them who they can ask to confirm.. then we w8ted and w8ted for their last 2or 3 members but they didnt show up so leader said ok not to waste our time we can do EM at least and i was fine with that.... ONLY TO FIND OUT that none of them know even EM.... 3 hours 3hours in EM with supposedly NM ally....

      guess what guys, YOU DO NOT DESERVE to get invited.

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    • So sad, but this is the mentality of most leechers. There is someone who wanna be nice and help, but they just sh*t on you.Thats why i dont inv ppl that i never heard of not even to lok anymore or alts xD. Since there is a high chance that the guy who beeing carried will get ape( cz fk rng). I bet noone of those guys now will make/create "own" ally for more runs, they will just continiusly crying, but i hope im wrong tho, and they gonna try atleast.
    • This is sad but also true, the only succesfull run imo was the first one, then ppl stopped caring for some unknown reasons. And what i've seen so far, it doesn't matter if 11 ppl are focuses, because if the 12th isn't, he will f*ck up the entire run ...
      easy mode - casual PvE hero
    • Sad to see all this happening. I didn't even bother joining any, without some prior knowledge from videos or advice I wouldn't consider it.

      t0re wrote:

      But i dont wanna do XX thing can some1 else do it
      This is the mentality for everything in this game. "Too hard for me", "This is not easy to get", "not worth my time" and so on, followed by complains... "change the game (because I don't want to lift a finger)".
    • ye well i was trying but i always end up having to rush it in the end coz no ppl who want to join those runs defined in that way and the only ones who are writing to me have 0 gear or rly low levels so u can understand how i am not willign to take such, OOOR are too insolent to demand fast succesful run, as if it depends on me

      that being said , if some ally pops up that are studying the instance i am fine helping them out, but for now i wont be organizing runs, i did create almost full static out of the initial learning ally and mostly i am very pleased with them

      edit: now that i read what i wrote i feel dumb, repeating over and over the same stuff :D:D

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    • Tbh it's sad,another person who was willing to introduce not exp ppl into narakkali gave up,I have to admit that Tore explained me very well what to do inside and wasn't angry when i did something wrong,because he explained what to do to avoid mistakes.

      At the end I wish him easy runs and and I'm happy that I could be part of his learning ally.

    • [NICK]tiktok wrote:

      TBH I dont think there is that many "new" people on your allly runs. It is most likely some relativly old players that want to gear up their alt and then you problably have like 3-5 completly new or returning players. But thats just my guess.
      That would be fine but people don't accept any advice or criticism in order to learn, and further more, they are demanding stuff.
    • when i created the 1st ally there were me and kisandra that have been doing the instance, and 3-4 ppl that had 2-3 runs before, every1 else was completely 1st timer.
      follow up runs i've included other ppl that had no or just few runs behind them
      also the cross-server runs i did were not the 1st of that, i've done 3 such on deyla only before
      also i will repeat that those runs are not supposed to teach u how to play the game but what to expect in the instance in question, dont mistake those those 2. I've had my fair share of teaching people about the game elsewhere, and to some extend i continiue to do so.
    • No offense but aren't playing this game long enough to know that ppl in Aion can't be teached? They either know everything "better" or are simply too dumb to understand what u tell them.
      I personally gave up giving ppl advices since 3.x times already cuz of said reasons. Aion Community doesnt deserve ppl who spend time trying to teach other ppl! With one exception: ppl who actively ask you for advice and who actually try to follow them. But those ppl are rare.