First time reaching 66+, what to do now ?

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    • First time reaching 66+, what to do now ?

      Hi everyone,

      I'm a new player in Aion and recently reached level 66 with my aethertech, and i have to admit that i am a bit overwhelmed now.

      What should i do now ? Im looking to improve my gear for PVE first, but don't know where to start. I'm wearing the elite daevanion set, and don't want to use the fledgling set.

    • On which server do you play? What faction ?
      You have to do a lot of work ... Basically it will be hard for you to find a group in Server-Wide LFG for 3man instances... The reason is that most of the players are not friendly and ignoring newbies and under 70 lvl people ... personally i am taking everyone 66+ because i can solo every 3 man instance (except Kroban there I need someone to tank the mobs) but most of the players are not like me. You have to do all kinah quests in Nosra/Estera to collect some kinah and buy your Holy Apollon Set ... It's cheap these days. You need to rise your level at least to 71 as fast as you can (group finder reason). Do on daily basis Rift Of Oblivion, Kumuki (when is active), 2-nd Rift of Oblivion (Kumuki replacement bi-weekly) and Luna for XP. Always try to find group for Library of Knowledge and 1-st boss of Garden of Knowledge - the collected Mighty Supplements Mythical are good source of kinah (110kk for 700 supplements) if you have Gold Pack applied or permanent Veteran status.
      Make as much as you can alts and do with them Luna weekly with all quests which Luna NPC (Elle) gives. Every 7-th week you will recieve a bundle with select-able Manastones +6 (you will need these a lot )
      That's for beginning ...

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    • @nodeone you're a good guy.
      Shift + V and got to Wide-Server Recruitment and apply there. I'll asume that you got Grendal/Elyos or Hellion/Asmo recommendation to join. You can make your own group on standard lfg. That's better. Adma and Lab are fairly easy and will help you a lot in leveling :D
      :slove: <3 KNEELING IS HEALING <3 :slove:
    • Thank you @Guds... I am only trying being a good guy... Sad that with each day passing i am playing less and less... GameForge are responsible for that ...
      If you @Luminax choose Antriksha Asmo side , on evenings you can pm me on Ancalima or Niroth and I will try to help you as much as I can...
    • You're lucky now, there's an xp event coming. Do all that nodeone said, all the 3 man (lab and adma for now, arkhal at 69+, kroban at 72+), rift of oblivion (fatties, also bonus rift every other week), kumuki every other week. You'll get 72+ quite fast.
    • Luminax wrote:

      thanks for the replies, i'm playing on Delya (i believe it is spelled like that) with the Asmodian faction
      Deyla, Asmodean* , we'll see each other for my PvP quests :'D
      :slove: <3 KNEELING IS HEALING <3 :slove:
    • Erik wrote:

      Guds wrote:

      Luminax wrote:

      thanks for the replies, i'm playing on Delya (i believe it is spelled like that) with the Asmodian faction
      Deyla, Asmodean* , we'll see each other for my PvP quests :'D
      It is spelled Asmodian xd
      It is a reference xd
      :slove: <3 KNEELING IS HEALING <3 :slove:
    • Now that you reached lv 66 the only thing left for you is to realize how terrible and unplayable the game is.
      Basically you got a hidden quest that was given to you from level 1.
      It's called "Reason to quit".
      You will not find it on aionpowerbook or aioncodex or any other sites.
      Once you complete the quest you will be greatly rewarded.
    • I will tell you what i did.

      Join friendly legion.
      Ask nicely if someone can borrow you gp.
      You reach level 70
      You go 4/4 Library of knowledge
      You sell all supplements
      You give money give to person for gp
      From here you start to collect kinah
      And buy gear from broker

      Its just takes time, but eventually you will get stronger.

      Hope its helps
    • I recommend being talkactive and kind when grouping in instances! But not annoyingly blablablaing!! That is basically the recipe to make me want to help newbies xDDD Try charming ppl, maybe there are more silly ppl like me 8) :ashy: :awink: