Server Merge Discussion

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    • maybe GF should limit number of accounts who can transfer to Deyla, first come first serve depending on the registered transfer date/time. So that they can control the population, and wont make it overloaded nor unbalanced.

      personally, i was initially going to transfer to Deyla..but since majority of grendal players going to Deyla..i might consider try Antriksha. After all if Antriksha going to be dead afterward, GF then need to do another merge ?

      Who knows, Antriksha might turn out to be the best server if all the right numbers are there, right ?

      Question though, if I am going to accept the merge to Antriksha then after a week or so I realized that I should have moved to another server, would it then be possible ? Since the character transfer system is in place, will GF open this possibility? If this would be an option then people might give Antriksha a chance ? Just the thought.
    • Shaokahnn wrote:

      Will i be able to still create conflict or apply so that my second account is able to move to deyla, after first week of merge. As far as i know the transfer windows will be up for 3 or 4 weeks after the merge.

      Im on antriksha server
      28.04 merge
      grendal, padma, fregion and miren boom gone. no more.
      now i ask u how u wanna create a conflict?
      sometimes i wonder if ppl even consider using their brain.
    • vitamin wrote:

      Question though, if I am going to accept the merge to Antriksha then after a week or so I realized that I should have moved to another server, would it then be possible ? Since the character transfer system is in place, will GF open this possibility? If this would be an option then people might give Antriksha a chance ? Just the thought.
      How long will the character transfer remain possible?
      In order to resolve the faction conflict on a server, the affected players will have three weeks during which they can continue to play with both factions on the new server as normal. Once these three weeks are up, the function allowing play with both factions on one server will be deactivated and they will then no longer be able to log in.

      Then I won't be able to log in any more three weeks after the merge? What happens if I'm holiday during this period?
      To prevent players from being unable to log in any more, an automatic forced transfer will be performed on all faction conflicts still unresolved when the previously mentioned three-week transfer window expires.

      Source: Server Merge FAQ
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    • Stop saying they shoud limit transfers. There is a possibility that friends and legionmates gonna be left behind etc. Just think for a second, if half of your premade is stuck on other server you woud love that?

      Who wanna move shoud move with no limmits, or noone shoud be able to move, we need to be fair here.
    • What hashtag said. Also wanted to add that Antri - elyos ( my server and hash ) are total whackos , those who lead the siege are doing just fine its the population wanting everything to be handed to them. What amazes me is that ppl forget it the day after. i make it a matter of principle if i see someone afking alot not to invite him for anything. You should do the same. If it means a dead server then let it be a dead server.
    • This idiotic policy of no elyos and asmos charackters from same server on same account must end. Why on earth this is still active since you can't log in these charackters at the same time. If someone want to make any kind of a small gaming abuse will log in with a second client / account on the diffrent faction at the same time / same server. Let people have mixed asmo and elyos on same accounts and problem solved. No crying, no conflicts, no half dead servers left behind with merges etc etc.

      @Galeas forward this as suggestion if you want.
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    • Buburuza wrote:

      I think it's game mechanics and you can't have 2 faction on same server.

      Yes Mr Einstein :D , that i said and i'm suggesting to change. This limitation has 0 advantages and is causing so many problems. You are allowed to have asmo and elyos on diffrent servers on same account anyway, and also have more than 1 accounts. So why not elyos / asmo on same server / account too?
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    • How will gameforge compensate for the 8% playerbase that's going to be on the new server. I sure that certain people took a break, or played something else during the merge time. So they never had a chance to abuse the conflict.
      Now, I know it sounds weird. "OMG GIFT THEM STUFF BECAUSE THEY WERE UNABLE TO ABUSE STUFF". But to be fair the only reason why people are abusing this is because of incompetence, of who ever planned this so poorly. And the people that are not going to be here to abuse it will be damaged severely. [Talking about antriksha folks]

      I mean think about it. Some antriksha player logs in one day after not playing. Sees that there are 50 people playing.
      Goes like:
      -There was a merge
      - Wait, what? *Quick maths* Bob how is it that a server has even less people on it after a merge?
      - You and I were not here when it took place, so we never had the chance to ABUSE THE TRANSFER TO A PLACE WHERE EVERYONE ELSE WENT AND ADVERTISED IT ON THE FORUM
      - The forums?
      - So, how come are we playing on a server with 50 people then? I have an idea Bob, let's cyber and make babies to populate the server.
      - *uninstalls Aion*

      If gameforge decides to sell server transfer tickets after the fail merge, that might give you a lot of money, but Jesus. That's one disgusting plan you got there, if it comes to that.

      EDIT: Why was my post moved? It was a legit question about the server merge MEANT for the FAQ thread, what are going to be the compensations ? For a fail merge.
    • Senpai wrote:

      The transfers were originally meant for people who played both on antriksha and grendal, not for people creating characters on a different faction/server to abuse the system and transfer away freely. That being said, you will only be able to receive a faction conflict on the initial day of the merge.
      That being said, you are basicly allowing something that you yourself pointed as an abuse. Nice Company politic. -_-
    • Oh noes, abuse, mate you do realize that even with this, they will not fill up a server to que.

      Oh noes, people are coming to your precious server, can you imagine the horror of actually playing a populated game :(

      And if you think it will ruin the balance, guess what, Deyla is already unbalanced.
    • Did I ever mention that I care about who's moving and where?

      I'm talking about a company polithic that actually allows something they themselves call abuses. Does it look normal to you?

      I'm talking about a company polithic that actually gives free transfers only to ppl from 4 old servers (on 8). While, looking at how they are managing this merge, they could just give it to everybody. Does it look normal to you?

      That's what I'm pointing out. The topic you brought on the table is irrilevant to me. But if you pretend you can read my mind, please, go looks so smart. (/sarcasm)