[Help] Gear upgrade

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    • [Help] Gear upgrade

      My fellow glads. I am wondering if i should invest in upgrading my gear from lvl 65 eternal abyss plate set (pre 5.0) fully socketed with atk +5 / crit+7 manastones to the new mythical holy apollon + normal green mana stones ? it is worth overall pvp/pve for my case ?

      edit: abyss gear is +15 as well.

      Thanks :)

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    • if u go with green stones no, but if u use compo/new manastones on the apo y (if u actually wanna hold aggro in big instances such as narakkalli/holy tower etc, otherwise difference would be big only in HP)
    • Olympic wrote:

      normal green mana stones
      The advantage are HD stones combined with blue Atk 6 etc, but certainly not green ones. Therefore if you ain't willing to invest into at least Power 7 you may as well forget about it.
      (or throw ancient atk 7 into your current gear)

      t0re wrote:

      if u actually wanna hold aggro in big instances such as narakkalli/holy tower etc
      In my opinion that only matters if you have to compete with other tank classes that have such a set already (therefore it's wise to time your Atk increasing buffs for example).
    • well there arent many glads that hold my sorc aggro, and not talking not just during buffs but overall, may be the reason i havent fully dpsed with it in nara for a very loong time now, sorc dmg scales much faster than glad on average>high gear, glad gets that huuge dmg only when rly well geared, thats why i wrote about holding aggro. Also has to take into account that unfortunately 90% of the ppl are not even caring about fluid battle so they dont stop hitting when they're supposed to.