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    • Friendly Neighborhood Badasses [NOW RECRUITING]


      Friendly Neighborhood Badasses is a casual, noob-friendly Legion. There's no real pressure to compete in ranks until we have a bit more numbers, just quest, craft, and maybe the occasional pvp if that's your thing. All you have to do is be active. :)

      The FNB have been around since 2015, and are now rebuilding after a long break from their leader and its original founding members. We aim to offer an environment geared to the more casual players to socialize and enjoy the game. Real life first: we believe that the purpose of playing games is purely to have fun, not as an escape for responsibilities in your life. Based on that ideology, we aim to be as open as possible in order to provide a welcoming place for all players enjoying Aion. Anyone has the capability of badassery, regardless of gender, race, etc. As long as you have a strong drive to kick some Balaur butt, you're very welcome in our ranks.

      We're not particularly focused on either PVE or PVP: there's many ways to contribute to the FNB. Whether you're crafting, questing, or chasing down an enemy player... You're helping out. We're always looking for more badass gear, the quest quota on landing site can always use a boost, and we can't let the Elyos steal our stuff. The question is not how you badass, it's if you want to be a badass.


      To just have fun in the game, offer a low to medium-pressure environment for players who want to participate in a Legion, and to help newer players grow. In the future, we want to regularly run the Abyss, go through rifts, and participate in pvp in other ways. We're also planning to regularly run instances and provide help with quests where neccessary.


      Brigade General: Melaniesama
      Tribunus: Undomiel, Kilpikonna
      Centurion: Dzivlaba, Leijonakuningas, Lizys

      Tribunus are pretty much the second in command: if the Brigade General is offline, they're in charge. They have a big say in important Legion business: do we go through the rifts this round, are we hitting the abyss, are we focusing on quests this week, etc. Dictatorships are not badass. Definitely expect to see a lot of these badasses on the territorial battle if they have the level for it. They also recruit people, and have the power to kick them. Tribunus only act on bans if a player has been making accounts to get past a ban, so they only deal with the worst of the worst. If they're not out kicking Balaur butt, they're managing the Legion warehouse with the Centurions.

      Centurions are basically moderators: they keep an eye on the chat, and have permission to ban anyone with more than 3 strikes. If anyone in the Legion is breaking the rules, then give these badasses a call. They're also the main recruiters of the bunch: they're probably keeping one eye on Legion chat, and the other on the LFG chat. They also manage the Legion Warehouse together with the Tribunus.

      Applications are now: Open


      • You have to understand and speak English. It doesn't have to be perfect, we just need to be able to understand what you're saying.
      • You have to bewilling to learn from more experienced players. Everyone wins when taking notes from experienced badasses.
      • You're not an elitist or otherwise haughty about your position as a high-level player.
      • You're generally respectful to people, even if they disagree with you.

      Does this sound like you? Then we'd love to see you join! :asmile: Settings are on 'everyone can join', so you can choose to..

      -Find us in search
      -Send the Brigade General a message
      -Reply to this forum

      What do we offer

      • An elitist-free community
      • A low-pressure, laid back atmosphere
      • A welcoming attitude to newbies, high-level players and returning players
      • A strike system when it comes to the rules, insta-bans are reserved for real bad apples
      • An equal acceptance of pve and pvp, no particular focus
      • A cool Legion name
      • You get to officially call yourself a badass

      Misc Rules

      • If you break these rules, you get a strike. 3 strikes, and you're banned from the Legion.
      • If you're going to be inactive for more than a week, please let a Tribunus or Centurion know.
      • Please keep the main chat in English. You can definitely speak your native language in PM's with others who understand it, but keep the Legion chat understandable for everyone.
      • Cheating, severe offensive language, flaming, racism, and other disrespectful and/or toxic behaviour is not allowed, and will result in an instant ban. For your main, your alts, and any account you may make to circumvent the ban.
      • Don't make a lot of drama about pvp. Complaining about one high-level player farming you is okay, for example. Just don't overdo it: remember, it's only a game.
      • Don't beg higher level players to power-level you and/or guilt them into it. No means no.
      • If you have questions, do ask! There's no such thing as stupid questions, regardless of experience in the game.

      Currently recruiting

      • Active Tribunus and Centurions
      • Active members
      • High-level crafters
      • High-level players willing to teach newbies about the game
      I can't think of anything witty, so have a Shugo with a cookie. :cookieshugo:

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    • Announcement

      We are happy to add a new Tribunus and Centurion to the ranks today, a warm welcome to Kirenai and Dzivlaba! :)

      Recruitment is still ongoing, and there's still room for over 50 badasses. There's no need for a confirmation to join. So if you meet the requirements and are interested: come join us in search if me and these two badasses don't happen to be online.
      I can't think of anything witty, so have a Shugo with a cookie. :cookieshugo:

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    • ScreamCheese wrote:

      a bump for u and good luck with legion :3
      It seems like a nice place~
      Thank you for the bump and kind words. :)
      I can't think of anything witty, so have a Shugo with a cookie. :cookieshugo:

      Need a Legion?
    • Announcement

      We now have our own Discord server! :) The invite link can be found in the Legion message, this is to prevent griefing and trolling.
      I can't think of anything witty, so have a Shugo with a cookie. :cookieshugo:

      Need a Legion?