Fixing loot in automatically created alliances

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    • Fixing loot in automatically created alliances

      Today I joined and completed weekly siege in colourful swamp. After killing boss, no one could loot it. When checking loot distribution it was set at round robin and roll on superior items.

      Do not know if it would have made any difference but asked someone who was given the captain position to try changing loot. No changes could be made. Currently waiting to see if over time the Tetranon will be free to loot for alliance members.

      Suggestion: When people are auto pulled into alliance can it automatically set the loot to free for all and roll on superior items? At the moment it seems if the captain forgets, or the captains hat is passed to another no one can change the loot and only one person in alliance will be able to take the rewards that normally all alliance members would get for taking part.
    • randomforumuser wrote:

      Future Will Come wrote:

      You should be able to loot invasion boss when your ally did enough damage to boss.
      Explain how I could loot the boss on my alt last time when said alt was in a 3-man alliance with only 1 guy DPSing at all (and hes a moron so I dont expect him to have dealt a lot)?
      Did you check how many players was in league? Everyone will get loot when league less than drop limit.

      I guess you are playing on grendal? I don't think that grendal can have enough players to reach limit.
    • Ok so yes there were a lot of people there, yes I was constantly attacking with pet and every dot and attack I have, at level 74, there must have been a lot of people doing a lot of damage.

      Was not aware that the boss had a drop limit, I thought it automatically gave one for everyone, if they were at the boss.

      hmmm wonder if that is why many just stood close to spot where boss spawns and let others go kill asmo and tank.

      Okay, thanks for that guys. If this is the case and it is not related to the loot setting the suggestion can be ignored, although it would be good for picking up loot from side mobs that are killed during the invasion.