[Discussion Thread] [PvP] Go Hunt, Daeva! 26.04.-16.05.2018

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  • I just did 700 points / kills in 3 hours, that is almost half the main goal. My ingame kill tracker shows 200. Quite alright for an event that lasts 3 weeks to get it half done within 3 hours.
    The only problem right now is, that on antri Elyos you have a hard time to get kills even cuz you’ll constantly get outnumbered by 1:5 or more xD
  • havent been on the field from 2 days but on deyla it was like the opposite, besides 2 groups the other asmos were dying so fast u couldnt hit them :D
    buut problem isnt in faction numbers honestly, its just too many asmos whining how we outnumber them and not participating at all, while too many elyos even in pve gear camping there and the stronger ones use them as meatshield :)
  • Asmos on Deyla trying to coop. But somehow 3-4 parties cannot beat 3 alliances, sadly. We cant even capture 3 garris same color cuz red sea coming after 2 minutes, "cleaning" you and taking everything back. Event so disbalanced. On most servers there are like 1:3 ~ 1:4 population. But still its fun event
  • Sparx wrote:

    The top 3 - 250 are both factions together and the class reward is for the the first of the class per faction.

    ~ Sparx ~
    Not the answer I wanted but thanks for the clarification.

    Basically, even though I'm the 6th on chanter elyos on my server I get nothing cos I'm the 500th for all clases on the server.

    Well that's another event not for the casuals like me.

  • Bad event. Rewards are for individuals, so you should not count killing in the group, but only 1 vs 1. The title and rewards will really for the best players in their class and not the one in the best group.

    Or do adjust the title: "He was in the deathbringer group" - short: "Group deathbringer" :) :) :)

    ..and do not make an event in Akaron only, but this event should be across Atreia + count only killing players max with a difference of 5 lv and only once per hour.

    Then it would be a great :like: PvP (Player versus Player) a not GpG (Group vs Group) event.

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  • failboat wrote:

    Konstantinos wrote:

    maybe y are one from the lucky races but tell us what items we need 6 players group to kill 200 ely zerg . Funny boy
    There are more than 6 asmos on Deyla and elyos can't join alliances, like you guys are saying around here.
    Ofc this shows HOW clueless you are considering the event.Max asmos that are participating on event is around 20.Guess what elyos 60-70,As far as alliances concerned elyos JuST like us they make 2-5 groups join ts and they walk together easy ,THE EVENT overall is underwhelming.Or should I mention the likes of Kroata/Tandrae spying on asmo Areas(Fly,begin area).The SCENARIO is the same every single Damn day move ely there walk asmo there is ely ,fly ely there IS A FREAKING mini-siege. In other note @Galeas Can you tell me why the top 3-250 are not counting for factions /class separated I mean Yu modified this so why not modify this so at least more people rewarded and happy.And staying active
  • Balthazar wrote:

    @Sparx @Galeas @Sita Can we get a bit of clarification WHY its faction TOGETHER,and NOT SEPARATED for asmos and ELYOS why together...god sake...this decisions.
    Because it was planned like that, but I can't say why. I hope your feedback will be heard, like the group kill count and we will have it seperated the next time. Even if the group kills are not working like intended ( I think it should count only one kill for everyone and not multiplied by the amount of groupmembers).

    testtestlab wrote:

    Well that's another event not for the casuals like me.
    You still can farm the 1500 points for the basic rewards. I know thats not something you want to hear, but everyone will have some benefit from the event. The items are still valuable imo.

    Kadex wrote:

    so the killcount changed from x6 (or even more) and garrisons/quests counting to x2 and garrisons/quests not counting? oh yeah, gf wont change anything while the event is running, right? right @Galeas ? but ye as u know nothing has changed cause ure the one playing the game not us ;)
    I doubt that, but I'm not working at Gameforge.
    Btw. the garrison never counted fot the points you can check on the website as far as I know, its only for the extra rewards (1 point per garrson for the 30 points rewards for completing garrsion quests - it's a hidden counter).

    ~ Sparx ~