Caution - AION website & Account login tracking

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    • Caution - AION website & Account login tracking


      I won’t go much into detail here, but I have a question and also a little warning to other players.

      First my question @Galeas : was there a hidden security change with the website which leads to security bans if you log more than 3 accounts in a short period of time?

      A “yes” or “no” is enough, cuz you probably are not allowed to to spoil any information.

      The reason:
      Recently a lot of people complain about getting ALL of their accounts blocked, when logging too fast too many accounts at the Aion website. Last wave of complaints were during the event, where we could allocate event items through the shop.
      Now a new wave of complaints are noticeable, cuz appearently players get their accounts locked while carrying out and registering for transfers.

      Yesterday I got my main account banned for security reason (my guess is for the exact thing I wrote above). I contacted support, they said it was the security system. I’m fine with that, security is important.

      But now the real deal, I spoke with another player who got 6 accounts banned. He got them all unlocked afaik, but next time they’ll only unlock 3 accounts, the rest will stay banned, because, and this is an actual quote

      “If 6 accounts interfere with our security system and all get banned, we can only return 3 accounts back to you.”

      That being said, if you have more than 3 accounts, DO NOT LOG THEM ONE AFTER ANOTHER or you risk to PERMANENTLY lose your accounts.

      What you can do, and idk if I’m allowed to spoil this as workaround, if not, then censor it:
      Take half an hour or one hour between logging accounts, so the security system won’t auto-ban you.

      Overall this must be a new change, because that NEVER happened in the past to anyone. This “problem” persists since 1-2 months now.
      Which leads me to another question @Galeas : Don’t you think it’s necessary to inform the community about some security changes without going much into detail, and ask the players TO NOT LOG THROUGH plenty of accounts in a short time period?

      This would save players nerves with having the hassle to contact support and support won’t get flooded with blocked account inquiries?
    • This is not news, I remember it happening the first time when they put the newly released dog candies in the shop to redeem for free.
      The system bans you for "security reasons" if you log in too many accounts, from what I've heard this happens even more if the log in happens in the shop, in other words this was a measure introduced to punish bots users or suspicious multiple account owners that would redeem various gifts.
      Confirming your identity may not be enough though, and can be a tedious process as many of you know.

      The measure comes and goes with time: for the dog candies after 3 accounts you would get an auto ban, during the last snowflake event nothing happened, while on one of the last shugo games they put the same measure in place again. This seems to be the case now if you ask me.

      In other words, I've taken it as a "bait measure" specifically to ban accounts and reduce the number of accounts one owns.

      Because I'm also a pest I would like to quote the Terms of Service:

      ToS wrote:

      Special conditions for the use of the online games
      Unless the Rules allow exceptions, the user may participate in each round of an online game (e.g. world, universe etc.) using one user account only. It is not permissible to use multiple user accounts ("multi-accounts"). Gameforge is entitled at any time at its own discretion to block or delete unauthorised multi-accounts.

      However I would also like to point out that Gameforge uses its own ToS when and only if it comes in their favour, like in this case.
      Just to point out one of the many flaws and hypocrisy:

      ToS wrote:

      Once a user has been excluded, he may not register a new user account without the prior consent of Gameforge.
    • Hey Nuke, thx for the input. I may also quote following:

      Gameforge wrote:

      In addition, the following points are currently tolerated; however please be aware this may change in the future if these appear to be abused. Should those exceptions be used to substantially affect the game experience of other players, it might also cause sanctions in individual cases (See also T&Cs, 8.2. b).
      Any changes to this list will be officially announced.
      1. Multi account
        Exception: It is not allowed to create an account with the purpose of insulting the other faction. In such cases, the main account will also be in danger of being sanctioned
        Also all rules and paragraphs of the T&Cs have to be respected.

      With a special mark at “Multi accounts are tolerated” AND “any changes to this list will be OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCED”

      Idk if I am blind but I didn’t see any official announcement regarding multi accounts are not allowed.

      In other words: they have no right to keep multi accounts blocked, until they make an official announcement about this topic.

      Am I Right?
    • There are no restrictions when logging an account ingame and accessing the shop ingame, as there is no security placed ingame for this purpose.

      The web site security is placed to permanently ban alt accounts for people that have acquired, either through real money trade or through hard work their current alt accounts.

      This measure was put in place to combat non paying players getting critically close, and in some cases surpassing paying players.
    • None of my accounts was baned/locked since im playing aion, even in event times. Today i loged in the webpage to solve conflicts for my accounts logged 4 and confirmed transfers. Then i went for 2 more - blocked. Like wtf realy...all this in a perriod if 10 minutes.

      Fell free to contact suport via link - but you cant even log the account to do so. Nice meme xd

      So take care guys.
    • GF has been encouraging ppl to get multiple accounts with the VR level changes. The more GPs you get, the better rewards you get and also can use them for multiple accounts. Ppl seem to like this idea since it brought a lot of stuff on brokers and item prices dropped in game, also GF gets money out of it as someone is buying all those GPs.

      Now ppl get perma banned for only using their own accounts. That's pretty messed up company policy. As I see it, GF could easily unban all the accounts but they choose not to and it's hard to understand why. I'd get this if you were logging from different ip, from a different country etc. But ppl seem to get banned for logging into the site from their own home pc and that's what makes this really redicilous. Some ppl were actually scared to log into their own accounts to solve conflict cause they were risking their accounts by doing so. I know ppl with more than 12 accounts and suddenly we are being told to use max 3 accounts.
    • Click wrote:

      Overall this must be a new change, because that NEVER happened in the past to anyone. This “problem” persists since 1-2 months now.
      Remember that we had this conversation I think in Dec, when I remembered the old rule was not to have more than 2 accounts and someone corrected me and said that now it's 3, as some response from support. Then some people said they always get website ban for logging more accounts, while you me and others never had this problem. I guess that problem is now for everyone but it's not new. I remember it was Dec because that's the time I made my 3rd VR+EVR account.
    • Yeah i remember.

      The problem is not the security bans, as I said initially, security is important and it’s good that it’s working.
      The problem is, that support has a policy to only return 3 accounts back to you, and not more incase you get 4-x locked.

      That’s ridiculous and there has to be an official announcement on the forum, website and a link to the TOS where it’s written.

      Right now, the additional game rules officially allow multi accounts, in a not defined number. Nowhere it says MAX 3 accounts.
    • What im doing is

      -Log account, transfer, logout
      -Wait 1min
      -Log account, transfer, logout
      -Wait 3 hours

      So far, I had no issues.

      EDIT: Someone did mention you could do it trough shop link, and it should work. Tho, the last time I got banned for this I could keep 4 accounts, and now you can keep only 3 it seems? So I'm not going to risk losing my accounts because of hidden security systems and hidden penalties.

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    • I login my accounts (many), one after the other, so fast i can.
      This problem has not happened to me yet.
      Should something change in the future, it will be over for me with AION.
      I am a Ranger. We walk in the dark places no others will enter.
      We stand on the bridge, and no one may pass.
      We live for the One, we die for the One.
    • The last time they banned my accounts, support told me i am not allowed to have more than 3.
      And that's how i lost an account, with 8x lvl 68 bards. Since they refused to unlock all of them.

      I suspect your account can become flagged.
      That's why it affects only some players, and not everyone.
      In my case, the trigger were non activated accounts.

      Not that i know what kind of security treat it poses to have only half of your accounts activated,
      and the other half not, if they are registered with the same email.

      Or why am i allowed to play with an inactive account to begin with.
      Or how 2 of my accounts became activated, since i didn't even know about having to activate them before i got banned.
      Moral of the story, don't participate in their events, in which you have to claim items through shop.
    • Just recently my Aion shop froze and I really wanted to buy a skin... o . o
      So I did what any other patient Aion player would've done.
      Then I Dc'd and got my account banned for suspicious activity after trying to log back in )':

      Made a ticket and got unbanned 2 days later but still a little messed up.
    • Destati wrote:

      Just recently my Aion shop froze and I really wanted to buy a skin... o . o
      So I did what any other patient Aion player would've done.
      Then I Dc'd and got my account banned for suspicious activity after trying to log back in )':

      Made a ticket and got unbanned 2 days later but still a little messed up.
      Do you get your Skin? :alol:
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