Advices on stats to reach in PvP

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    • Advices on stats to reach in PvP

      Hello guys, french player here, but guess what, almost no ranger thread since years in the french forum, and well, not that much rangers nowadays anyway.
      So I'm coming back from several "breaks/pauses" and I'm a little bit late compared to the top players regarding my PvP (and PvE, but it's not really the question here) stuff.

      At the moment, I'm running with a full basic 75 abyss gear, not everything on +15 yet, and still some really ugly manastones on it ;
      My weapon is a Bygone +15 with an 75 abyss fuse, quite decent but still ugly manastones aswell, and it's not that much compared to those +25 things everywhere.
      Jewels now : 75 Abyss belt +5 ; same for the 2 Rings +5 ; only 1 Earing +5, the other one is a Ruhn +5 ; Necklace Ruhn +4 and Hat is a Crucible +5
      (Feather Atk/Crit +8 / Bracelet +5)
      I have 2 Vet 80/80 and a friend of mine can help me getting the jewels I still need, aiming +5 for the moment.

      As I'm not really going to make 2-3 different sets with 6.0 coming and not that much time to play everyday, I would like to know what are the "standards" to reach with my statistics, because I still have a lot of ugly manastones, and I can improve that ; in order to sum up my stats right now, I have :

      ATK : ~1600
      Acc : ~4450 (+200 with the buff)
      Crit : ~1400
      MAcc : ~2530 (+200 with the buff)
      (These with BESTIAL FURY, FOOD & SCROLLS)

      So well, I just want to know if I need to focus on Power or on Accuracy manastones, and what would be the interesting "caps" to reach first, (in PvP still).
      Of course any other advices on what to do next, like aiming for the 80 version when my stuff will be better and ready, are welcome :)
      If you need other precisions coming from me, feel free to tell me aswell.

      Thanks in advance, and hopefully I'll be able to deal a few damages one day with this strong class in this balanced game :kappa:
    • to be honest u can easly get bloced with this acc i can reach 5,4 and still got easly bloced or crit due to this patch stast are completly broken
      Cler chanter even bard will go block or agi set and kite you untill death.
      About ranger u can't see many of them due to all new chars are stronger than thim even cler can make better PvE dmg than you and be pain in PvP so u got answer

      I made MR set so smart clers with their OP def set cant kill me as i cant kill them for example
      I dont know what to say u need rly good gear commander like others, acc +7 to may chance vs others and another DEF set

      Decent gear for ranger isnt enought for this patch full +25 acc+7 if u wanna be deathbringer :)

      I think its pointless due to 6.0 and personally i gave up, just trying uppgrade some stigmas that my point due to GAP gear atm but its my opinion how i can compare this patch how hard its make fair pvp to me to previous