Maintenance: 2.05.2018

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    • Maintenance: 2.05.2018

      This Wednesday, May 2nd, we will perform a maintenance and start the character transfers. Webservices and servers will not be reachable starting from 8:00 am CEST. Due to extensive number of requested character transfers, the maintenance might take longer than usual.

      • [Boost] +50% Exp/+50% Drop (Nosra and Esterra) - permanent, until further notice.
      • [Promo] Shugo game - will still active until 16.05.2018.
      • [Event] A PvP Event will still be active between 26.04 and 16.05.2018 (news can be found on the website and boards)
      • [PvE] Rift of Oblivion (bonus bi-weekly) - will be activated until 9.05.2018.
      • [Boost] +50% AP - will be activated until 9.05.2018.
      • [PvE] Kumuki (bi-weekly) - will be deactivated.
      [Additional Information]
      • Missing housing items: we will implemented the fix to restore missed housing items on target servers. They will be available again in the house warehouse.
      Character transfers:
      • Due to extensive number of requested character transfers, the maintenance might take longer then usual.
      • Character transfers will be done on "first come, first served" basis.
      • It may happen that due to extensive number of requests, not all requests will be processed. In such case we will inform you regarding further plans.
      • Due to ongoing PvP Event the character transfer registration period will be extended by 1 week and will finish on 22.05.2018.
      • During the maintenance on 23.05.2018 we will perform last scheduled transfers and start with the forced transfers.
      PvP event:
      • Due to extended period for transfer registrations, we advise anyone who would like to participate in the PvP Event before transferring to cancel the transfer registration before this Wednesday's maintenance and applying again after PvP event ends.

    • The maintenance is now over and servers are back online :)

      Additional information:

      Character Transfers:
      We couldn't perform all transfers today. We treated them in chronological order according to when you applied for it. We will keep on performing transfers with the upcoming planned maintenances.

      New NPC addition:

      The amount of shugogold you can get from dungeons has been doubled for Library of Knowledge, Garden of Knowledge, Museum of Knowledge, Adma Ruins, Elemental Lord's Laboratory, Arkhal's Hidden Space, Kroban Base . The Rift of Oblivion (normal) now drops shugogold too (2 shugogold per Commander Gegares)