LF Narakalli ally

    • Elyos

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    • Future Will Come wrote:

      [...] you need 75 level
      I would't say he needs 75, if he has gear and overall class knowledge, if he's able to keep aggro from powerful dps and be a good support at golmir, he can even go as a lvl 72~73, but only if those 'criterias' are met ^^ 75 is needed for melee classes only if there's not enough ranged dps for golmir, and that's all imo. Good gear (including estimas) and delivering good overall dps are imo the most imp criterias to recruit for nara. But LFG wise ppl won't invite u unless u are 75 and got some nara runs on pveranks, yeah stupid imo.

      My Aethertech some time ago PveRanksSession
      At that time my AT was lv 73, had not even full apollon accs, the weapon was a +15 apollon fused with crucible ( very low pve attack ) while the armor was full +10~13 75 ap, magic boost was not capped and neither the CS still managed top #3 with awfull damage per second. Ofc that alli wasn't filled with endgame pve geared chars, but we knew what to do ^^ the point being, lvl and gear are overrated XD
      easy mode - casual PvE hero

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