Neviwind Canyon - AFK and lvl problem part 2

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    • Neviwind Canyon - AFK and lvl problem part 2

      Do you want GF make LvL limit for Nevewind Canyon? 47
        Yes! it is good idea.. make Neverwind Canyon only for 74-75 LvL. (18) 38%
        No, that's bullshit. Let it remain as it stands. (29) 62%
      Hello everyone!! I'm regular player of aion as all of you guys. :thumbsup:
      Today I was doing Canyon and what I see.. Templar 68 lvl was leader of alliance and he was afk during whole dred :aangry: . I noticed such situation billion times and this situation infuriates me :aangry: :aangry: :aangry: .
      Most of you guys do canyon every day and it takes about 3-4 hours to make 4 win in it, and sometimes more. Don't you tired :atired: to loose again and again there, waste 4-5 hours there instead of go pvp or pve... As for me - I don't have much time like other players - to play 12-18 hours per day, I have only 3-5h, not much as you see :ashy: .
      Now back to Canyon. Basicly loosing in this dred happens becouse of afk ppl, not geared ppl, low lvl ppl, not well organised ppl (no leader if you want) :aunhappy: .
      I'm writing this post becouse I have an idea and want to listen to your opinion about it.. also I hope for your support and understanding. ^^
      My sugestion: make a lvl limit of Neverwind Canyon.. I suggest to make Canyon only for 73-75ppl. I know what you will say, it is hard to farm them and bla bla. But we have Divine sieges where low lvl players can get min 2 items from siege. I think low lvl players 1st of all must rise up their lvl - lvling up in 5.8 is not a problem with 5min instances (Adma, Laboratory, Arkhal, Korban) and Library, Garden, Rift of oblivion. Kumuki, quest and other. Than when they reach 75 they can easily dress up 75pvp gear and go Canyon. Basicly 66-72 players don't have even 75pvp gear.. and I can supose that even there will be 73-74 ppl that go Canyon in pve gear or 65 eternal pvp. I saw this ppl a lot of times - you would at least be ashamed and close viewing of your gear :D ...
      So.. My sugestion will be as a poll that you can see bellow.. pls vote.
    • The problem is that also (possible) main characters are afk.
      Sure, lowlvl twinks are more likely to stay afk, but a lot of ppl are lowlvl and active.
      I know players who got kicked because they were lvl 71, just because of their lvl, even if they were active, while lvl 75 afkers could stay afk without kick. Imo it would be unfair against the lowlvl to raise the entry lvl.

    • I agree, we should limit content for the new and returnee players that didn't have the time to level up.

      It would be a great idea to deceive people too.

      If they never get to fight the +25 geared people in NW with their lv 55 quest gear. They will never know how crap the game is and will continue to play it still. Obviously they will find out once they reach that lv 73 you suggested and get their behinds mangled up.

      Good idea overall.
    • Solnishko wrote:

      and I can supose that even there will be 73-74 ppl that go Canyon in pve gear or 65 eternal pvp.
      Excuse me but i am pretty sure i'm doing 5x times more contribution on my templar with 65 gear than most 75 geard ppl that have no clue how to use mouse and keyboard. Level is absolutely irrelevant in there(except for the 75 form), now i do agree it might need entry level raise but may be 68/69 MAX 70 , anything beyond that is stupid. You cant hope to win by limiting the ppl who can enter. Or you think u'll win more if u enter in 3 times less neviwinds? (ye coz there wont be ppl for so many actual instances running). Its either some afk prevention system or nothing at all. Everything else is just dust in the eyes and would most likely have more negative effects.
    • @TS: ther's a simple solution in order to cut by half the time everybody needs to spend -daily- in canyon just to get enough stones to exchange...GF have to change the rewards.

      No need to touch AP/HP but only the number of stones received by winning the instance. If they double it (4 instead of 2), we will need only 2 wins/day.

      Nothing will really change "speed wise", coz we can only get 4 items/day anyway. But the time "wasted" on canyons (actually 2 hours at least) would be cut by half, saving time that players can invest/dedicate to other activities.

      @Galeas is it such a bad idea?
    • t0re wrote:

      yes coz premades are a thing on nevi
      could also call them LFG groups, either way at least you ll know the ppl wont be afk & if you have a competent leader you ll get fast entries and fast runs. I know Asmo Side has less of those, but that's not rly a problem of ncsoft or gameforge, rather a self made one if the community does not organize itself.

      but ofc it would be even easier / more relaxing if you d get 4 items per run instead of 2 (or maybe 4 for a win, 2 for a loss? but then you d have even more afk again).
    • ´The issue is that people forget that you basiclly only need to get 4k lose/win/tie dosnt matter you get the same rewards as the one that wins. This bugs me more out then lowbies or fully pvp geared people that decide to afk.

      So if the loser and the winner both gets 4k then its win win for both. BUT NOO ohh we cant beat them with in the first 1 min of the fight then people just go afk...

      When i go get camps flags and etc when i go on my lowbie alt cause well i resist alot in pvp so i put my self into use.

      but i what i find more annoying is those "ready check" every 30 sec in PVP its more annoying thena few afk. Allso each side number is counted to be equal so if both sides kick means that there might not come new people in.
    • At asmo side, there are, afaik, no premades - at least I never see them forming a group at the nevi lfg.
      Sure you can shout, but as long as there is pvp event in akaron, it is harder to find people and, with increasing number of guys who have completed their lvl 80 gear, lots of good guys don't shout anymore because they simply don't have to do nevi anymore.

      Sometimes you see that your faction can't win - p.e. when I see that we have been wiped and we have only ZERO or ONE kill in total, I don't understand how we could not kill at least 5-10 guys, because most of the time it's not a insta-all-dead-at-one-time-wipe.
      Guys are standing at the back, guys are running back to the base, there is often no cross heal/dispel (even if they had the time to do so), some people some don't even leave the base, some go instantly to the spot where pve mobs spawn [which makes zero sense], other people go nevi with pve gear and then they complain about "getting no heal" when they insta-die because of enemies with pvp gear.
      Then you revive at base (after wipe), run half the way back to the raging elyos/asmo mob in the mid, and you see that half of your alliance is leaving or afk.

      To get all fragments for one day, I sometimes have to [random] nevi almost the whole day. X/