All that matters about Magical Crafting in 6.2 in one excel

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    • All that matters about Magical Crafting in 6.2 in one excel

      Altought I am not sure i got all if there was some expansion in 6.2 but i doubt ...

      Seems like having leveled the Magical Craft to 300 will be a big deal when getting a headstart in 6.0. Some people with 300 magical craft (will carry over in 6.0) can get a full red set in barely over a week.

      The red tier items, ultimate, are slightly lesser than AP ultimate on base stats at +0 (or in pve, the best pve ultimate...) , but seems like there is a big PRO with the crafteable items, the bonus stats that you get randomly in the AP and in the PVE instance items will get the bonuses randomly, wich means you might get the best AP weapon but get anything beetween 5% and 9% cast/atack speed. While the crafted items get a stable relatively pretty high values from default without the random factor.

      The kibrium thinguies (orange, purple and that last blue one) as well as the stones, you get all from instances. Seems like these sell pretty cheap in KR after the first mongers start realicing they wont sell them at 300 billions.

      EDIT: Google Drive Link:
      • Gear1.xlsx

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    • Future Will Come wrote:

      Upload this file to google drive and share link

      Im so stuck in 2000' s that cloud computing is not the first thing that comes to my head yet :( and we almost hit the 2020 already...
      When we get the release names for the mats, I will edit them. Seems like "orange thing" and "purple thing" might be something named along kibrium but since we dont have definitive name, I am fine with using kindergarden terms, I really like kindergarden terms