Sm Asmo side searchs for Nara NM/HM

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    • Sm Asmo side searchs for Nara NM/HM

      Hi! I'm searching for a Nara NM/HM group.
      I'm currently on Thor/Asmo (switching to Deyla).
      I have no experience in NM or HM but I watched videos so I kinda know how it workes.

      My stats are 6200 Mboost and 1050 Mcrit (when I'm at home I will post a screenshot).
      I have full greywolf +6 and enhanced fallusha orb +19. (currently, don't blame me, my orb isn't 20 after more than 200 apes :( )
      My pveranks:

      I speak german (fluent) and english (I understand everything but sometimes I have problems to explain myself).
      I have time every day except Tuesday, Friday and Sunday between 15:00-22:00. Tuesday after 17:00 and Friday/Sunday after 21:00.
      I know, almost every ally on asmo side already have a SM, but maybe there is a chance for me :D
      Contact me here please. :)

      Deyla/A: Spiritmaster, Cleric
      Loki/E: Afk-Cleric