Aion EU Gameforge give your feedback

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  • Aion EU Gameforge give your feedback

    Hello dear players & Gameforge, this topic is for Gameforge to see players feedback of their quality & services.

    First of all I am a normal players I have been playing Aion since first day of open beta test of the Free to Play version.

    After several years of playing I quite & came back to give a chance to Aion Free To Play EU under Gameforge licenses,
    I wanted to give my feedback of all quality & services that Gameforge is providing us Freely (or not).

    This topic are only focused on players feedback for Gameforge itself, as 6.2 is approching I'd like to give the community the opportunity to talk about what's wrong & what's good, no troll stay focused on the topic.

    (That is all in one topic to avoid alot of topic to be created)

    I am also gonna post my personal feedback sooner.
  • Lahire wrote:

    the main issue is: community provides really good suggestions and future view of this game, but gameforge 95% of the time ignore us
    My main regret is the fact that they keep providing the cash shop of items that might be called for some players as Pay to Win,
    I am refering to the promotions last week that was giving the chance to get x60 serum or x60 APES & also Braclet +10 & co.

    Not mentioning the fact server ping increasing highly even if the community is emptying the server.

    Also created this topic for them to see what the community think about them on the good & bad ways.

    Its important to clarify thing before 6.2 come & mistake is done (egain ?)
  • There are several threads opened already for all those topic. Please don't make such a general thread as this one. You can use the respective threads.

    If you want to provide feedback on the shop=> use the related thread
    If you want to provide feedback, expectations on 6.0 (6.2) use the related thread etc.

    Your point I think was that we can see your opinion on this but with a thread that is so general it always ends in a mess that is hardly understandable and it's really hard to gather feedback on our side from such threads.

    For the mentioned reasons, I will close this thread now.