Blessing of the Magic Fountain

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    • Blessing of the Magic Fountain

      Earn some valuable rewards from 16/5 to 6/6

      Mysterious fountains are appearing in Sanctum and Pandaemonium from 16/5 to 6/6. According to rumours, Aion personally created them to thank Daevas and to provide them great joy.

      Earn Magic Blooms and throw them into the Fountain – you will receive either a Gift of Magic Blooms or a Special Gift of Magic Blooms, which contains even more valuable items such as the Cute Minion Contract, the Commander's Protective Soulstone, Steel Wall Commander's Soulstone, the Commander's Storm Soulstone, the Cherry Tree Wings and Wounded Soul Wings. A full list of all rewards can be viewed further below.

      However, there is a chance that you might receive a Faded Magic Bloom. Its magic has long since faded, making it worthless to you.

      Here’s how you earn Magic Blooms:
      • Complete the daily quest.
      • Complete the PvP Quests (from level 65 onwards).
      • Defeat monsters in the Upper Abyss.
      • Stay logged in for at least one hour.
      • Loot Magic Blooms from bosses in event instances.

      If you throw the Magic Blooms into the Fountain, you will receive the bundle [Event] Gift of Magic Blooms. There is a small chance that the bundle contains [Jakunerk] Petals, which you can combine with the [Jakunerk] Love Powder (available in the AION Shop) to get an even better bundle: the [Jakunerk] Special Gift of Magic Blooms.

      Free in the AION Shop

      Grab 2x [Jakunerk] Love Powder free in the AION Shop during the event period!

      Please note the following: you need to have a hero with level 66 and can only collect the item once per week and account. Additionally, the item cannot be gifted.



    • Additional information:

      -1 Magic bloom will be offered after a 30 minutes login without any disconnection on the same character. You can get 2 magic blooms as a maximum per day and per character. It is reset at 09:00 am. You need to be between the lvl 30 and 75 to obtain it.

      -The 2x free Love powders from the shop will be available starting tomorrow at 09:00 am.