PVP event trading tickets are ignored

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  • PVP event trading tickets are ignored

    Hello, Im not getting any answer from official gameforge source. I focus now especially on Antri server since I am involved there. I can say many of asmodian sent tons of support ticket with 999999 gathered evidences against the traders, who gained the top ranks with standing afk and killing their alts on kisk billion times. Gameforge is ignoring us, we re getting ignored, people who spent lots of time there got scammed like this, lost ranks and rewards by some others who has no respect. I just want to get an answer, why did you handle this event on such a bad way, we gave you everything and you did nothing? You sent out the rewards without hearing us and now there is no way back it will be fixed. Why the support cannot answer on the tickets, They cannot share datas I get it, I dont say names, but why we cannot know any of the steps you should do? Its because you dont do anything, just lazy mode screw those people over who worked hard for this and gave everything for free to the garbage event abusers. If you reward the obvious traders then next time hope everyone go with their kisks and kill alts , such an event, people will win who has more alts on the opposite faction, haha. Can we get an explanation atleast if our great game support is ignoring all our proofs and dont do anything?

    (ps: i dont even know if my text makes sense, im so pissed off cannot even think, sorry for that ;( )


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  • all antri server knowing those traders but gameforge has no idea while we were waiting they ll get ban they got their rewards:) even 1 of them has video while tradeing and we sent 1000 tickets for ban him cuz stealing other honest players works and time he didnt get ban :S I think today he got his rewards too:) now all traders got their rewards and all antri server knowing they re traders . why gameforge has given them rewards without check videos and how they did those points in short time , I couldnt understand really ... I hope they ll fix it cuz today we saw you can be traders and cheaters and it is easy way for taking game rewards in game now no need 3 weeks hard try come some hours a day trade with ur alt chars and take rewards it musnt be easy like this and gameforge should fix this fault altough all servers knowing they re traders gameforge shouldnt be watcher on our tickets ... I m sure gameforge ll fix this fault but I wanna gameforge should give them ban cuz they re really stealing honest player rights and works I hope all traders get ban soon.. thanks have nice honest game if u can..

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  • Hello, I didn't really participate in this event because i was looking for people trading kills, my work didnt go for nothing since i found few people (top 3 players included) recorded them trading kills uploaded to my youtube channel and linked every single one of them in my tickets to support, this videos are undeniable proof for my accusations but i didn't stop just on making videos (what should be actually enough) i also wrote names of people grouped on asmo side and elys alts that were getting killed during trades and time when this was happening. My videos was seen by 1888 people and i was sure that Gameforge workers are included in this but i'm not sure of this now since they havent done anything about it, I have provided them everything they needed, they didnt have to do anything more just remove them from this event, i'm not even talking about getting them banned coz thats completely not my point all i wanted was to get them removed from ranking, i gave support everything date and time of trades, names, places and even videos and still all of this, my hard work, hours spent in Akaron and my trust in Gameforge and justice went for nothing since when i logged today i saw people that i had recorded and reported like many other people having rewards. I just have no words for this, I provided everything what was needed to remove them from ranking but still i see Gameforge doesn't care about us at all and just gave away the rewars without even checking videos and other evidences what i was gathering for so long. I recorded them and gave to support because I wanted a fair event with fair people, and now my work is useless because event rewards was given away to the people who never killed a single REAL elyos in Akaron. Thats all what i have to say and I hope at least people will know how some of players on Antriksha got their rewards.
  • It's actually really sad that they didnt even bother removing atleast the obvious traders. When 8 people out of 10 in the top 10 got their points ONLY from trading and not even 1% from real pvp, you might as well just clarify it at the beginning so everyone starts trading atleast everyone would have been on equal footing for this event.
    I can't really say i'm surprised, i'm used to be disappointed by gameforge, but this is just ridiculous.
  • Everyone can see those videos and if there is really nothing on them then sorry for being hyprocrit, but the reality is that we all know whats going on there, so Hellooo Gameforge??? Open your eyes and fix this mess what you have done to us. :(
  • See, Ino? Its a curse, you shouldn't have switch to asmo. On ely you would have tons of targets to get kills from. And none to record you at it, since its deserted. :alol:
    (And Dhy is gone, will always be remembered as Nexus ely cop, RIP)

    Glad to see you still play. :thumbup:

    Regarding your videos, none watched, they were too busy with transfer ticket spam fiesta. This whole event should've never been placed right during merge/transfer... But its NyerkForge. :love:
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