We will get an NPC to trade 65 lvl Abbys gear ?

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    • We will get an NPC to trade 65 lvl Abbys gear ?

      That is the question. Because I´d like to clean up some spots on my wh and with it earn some extra abbys points. We got them for all the previous levels/patches Abbys gear and altought I usually kept some pieces when twink was still a thing, nowdays i dont need the 65 for anything at all.

      :thumbsup: I think there is no trade npc unless i have skip something in the patchnotes, also I spamed inside game and got same answer so i guess it is still not implemented. Why no?
    • It is mainly because they dont want to keep stuffing players by upgrading stuff, every X patch u cant evolve set no more.

      30> 40 > 50 > 55 > 60 > 65 finished cant be evolve no more

      70 > 75 > 80 - Cant be evolve no more

      80 (6.2 items PVP) > ??

      Its a good way to change things, mostly player that is complaining now is players that come back from a long pause.

      You must know you make AP & Medals very fast now (2/5M ap per week or so around 50+ medals)

      U can buy AP from players if you have medals for 70 pvp items

      & Spinel medals are around 800k/u.

      Its very eass now the the onyl weakness is enchanting & gemming set very long and expensive.