Take off those "events" because I cant stand even looking at it

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  • Take off those "events" because I cant stand even looking at it

    I just wanna ask one favour to GF, finish those "events" before even started because its just disgusting. For me its sure that GF will fk up 6.2 so I guess no point to play this sh*t anymore. 70 lvl aug on "pvp killing afk event", latest "event" those crap rewards, even p2w rewards are a joke, instant failing to enchant to even +20 and now this wheel of b***hit? Just end this sh*t before it even started.
  • I don't understand how is possible for them to see such kind of feedback and still introduce similar events.

    You ask us to be civil, but I cannot express myself in a civilised manner for such events or the afk-bot killing event for which we never got reply as to why traders were not disqualified.

    Well if you want to destroy Aion, go on. You are doing an excellent job.
  • Well they dont care at all, you can tell them a hundred times that zerg event won people who killed their alts or alts of their mates, but they wont do a sh*t about it. GF is a COMPANY, so please at least take this event with rewards I cant look at, keep the milking one cause mummy needs a new jacket, I get it but at least close the one I mentioned, because everytime it shows up that I got through Aions power a sh*t I wanna delete this game