Recomendation for PvE

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    • iSTAN wrote:

      Going with enmity + gear in nara will be annoying for u as a tank and you'll lose dps (at least i do). your taunt skills are enough to hold aggro, your gear will just make it worse in terms of your overall dps ( at least it does for me ). Even in my last NM and HM tries, this enmity + gear is making me problems and cause dps loss, but maybe i just suck at the game,anyhow these are my suggestions tho. GL
      Well I think it depends on the alliance a lot. If you compete with assassins only for example to lose aggro to after Cold Strike having a set without enmity might be nice. If you compete with another tank who has enmity it'll be probably annoying for them.
      I'm someone wearing mostly AP as well and my fellow tank in HM wasn't too happy since our overall dps is rather similar.
      Therefore there's no real answer to this I guess since I wouldn't want to have x different sets for either. Far too expensive.
    • I agree with you, but he won't have a premade with another good tank in the first place, especially that he's at the beginning of it.
      So far i had problems and my dps was mostly bad but i was doing my job which was holding aggro :) yday we had a surprisingly fast lfg ally and this is what happened pveranks link ^^
      easy mode - casual PvE hero
    • getting a glad in Nara = the premade wants a tank otherwise they take a sin/sorc

      so why advise a glad to have neutral/negative agro?
      i know having the agro will lower your dps but the others will like a stable agro on you so they can easy dps

      as stated before I'd rather go for full apollon +15 reduced to 70 (with alts and stones from luna) then transform to enhanced Fallusha so you get lvl 75.

      prigga is useless if you aim for Fallucha
    • I've upgraded my apollon gear to enhanced fallusha.
      All my apollon were lvl 70.
      Armor results: x2 items 75, x2 items 76, x1 item 77 :)
      Weapons result: pole 79, dagger 77, sword 78 :)

      As a glad you can easily hold aggro with enmity - gear if your gear is similar to the other dps :) if u go with apollon +15 weapons and u have a sin with +25 enhanced fallusha and +8 accs ofc you can't hold it. I still think the enmity - gear is better unless u have 2 tanks both with similar gear.
      easy mode - casual PvE hero
    • iSTAN wrote:

      yday we had a surprisingly fast lfg ally and this is what happened
      Well you worked yourself 'from zero to the top' in a relatively short time. That's a good thing I guess.
      Anyway there's these huge differences depending on how good an alliance is. Last time I had some ok-alliance regarding setup and dps, but they didn't figure how how to run if they're targeted by Cold Strike which caused me to hardly attack and some others to die.
      While I can simply depend on my party's setup for Holy Tower on the other hand...

      iSTAN wrote:

      if u go with apollon +15 weapons and u have a sin with +25 enhanced fallusha and +8 accs ofc you can't hold it.
      My templar's 73 and had something like Enhanced Fallusha Weapon +10, lvl 65 AP armour and some Fallusha/Apollon accessories previously. There was no way to maintain the aggro for a long time for me against this guy:
      By now I stopped trying. Sort of pointless.
      Every time I was paralyzed or whatever it slipped away. Well, eventually with Incure Wrath, but it's indeed annoying if you're not up to the level/gear.

      But well, aggro isn't exactly important nowadays except for Narakkalli anyway. Therefore except for this one I wouldn't worry about it. People stopped caring. :whistling: