Weekly Maintenance: 06.06.2018

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    • Weekly Maintenance: 06.06.2018

      This Wednesday, June 6th, we will perform our regular maintenance. Webservices and servers will not be reachable starting from 8:00 am CEST.


      • [Boost] +50% Exp/+50% Drop (Nosra and Esterra) - permanent, until further notice.
      • [Promo] The Wheel of Fortune - still active until 13.06.2018.
      • [PvE] Kumuki - will be activated until 04.07.2018.
      • [Event] Gathering fever in Kumuki Hideout - will be activated until 04.07.2018. (news available tomorrow)
      • [Boost] +200% Exp boost (250% in total) - will be activated until 20.06.2018

      • [PvE] Rift of Oblivion (bonus bi-weekly) - will be deactivated.
      • [Event] Blessing of the Magic Fountain - will be deactivated.
      • [Boost] -50% AP loss - will be deactivated.

      [Additional information]
      • We will keep on performing forced transfers.
      • Elite Levels will end. We will have new rewards after a small break.
      • Bugfix: Hell Steed incorrect flames color was fixed.