Introduction: Ekapa

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    • Introduction: Ekapa

      Hi guys,

      My ingame name is Ekapa and I just started playing Aion again after some years. Played a bit on EU launch and later on too, at some point I had two chars at the max level, a cleric and a ranger (level 55 at that time).
      Recently I had the "mmo itch"and since I had alot of fun and made some really good friends playing Aion I decided to comeback. I read alot information about the actual state of the game and the p2w aspect, anyway I decided to give it a try.

      If anyone wants to help me with some ingame tips, indications of what I should be doing or if there's any legions still recruting new players let me know.

      I'm playing on Deyla server, Asmodian, character name: Ekapa. Languages: English/ Portuguese.

      Thank you and have fun :) .