LF Holy Tower premade

  • Elyos

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  • LF Holy Tower premade

    Hello everyone, i'm looking for a "premade" for LoK (even 3-men runs), GoK and any other relevant instance, fast runs for my sin
    Being lv70 i'm not getting invited anywhere even tho my dmg is more than enough for a speed run and this is annoying
    Holy Tower premade, i need those accs asap ;(

    Please don't comment with "level up" because i do as much as i can in the time i have to play ;)
    Also the topic has an elyos tag so don't ask about faction.
    Any other info u might ask for can be found in the links below.

    PvE Ranks

    Thank you in advance!

    *Notes for gear:
    Apollon gear is to be replaced by fallusha once i drop them ^^ hence the +0.
    Stats: ~ 1400 attack, 1380 crit, 4350 acc.
    easy mode - casual PvE hero

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