Game wont start

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    • Game wont start

      Hi,my problem is this, game is installed perfectly file check/repair done, run program as admin done..compatibility box unchecked, done..
      clicks "play now" aion logo pops up..then......the game encountered an error windows will close the program.
      After almost an hour i found a solution "Pull up your Aion folder, go into your bin64 folder, rename the aion.bin file to aion.bin.old, and then try launching the game again." I did that yesterday and game started like a charm! Even stopped the game and reopened after a few hours,and everything was ok.. Today when i tried to play i had the same problem. i tried the same solution but it doesnt work anymore. Please im in despair ||

      kalpek wrote:

      i have similar problem, just reinstaled w10 and now game cant load, just crash after aion logo
      try to run in 32bit, for me its working, something with 64bit version istnt working in w10 after some updates
      reinstaling game wont work, its internal system problem, on my 2nd hdd with other w10 instalation everything working fine

      here you have my 32bit bat file command: (just change location)
      start /high "" "G:\AION\bin32\aion.bin" -ip: -lang:ENG -st -oncmsg -charnamemenu -ingamebrowser

      This worked for me, at least for now! Ty

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